20 April 2014

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By Anusha Sethuraman of New Relic 4 days ago.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE) in February 2014 launched App-E-Feat , a program to connect nonprofits with volunteer engineers and mobile developers in order to create mobile apps for nonprofit organizations for free. IEEE had 400 engineer volunteers available when the project launched, and hopes to recruit more.

To participate, nonprofits can log in the App-E-Feat website and upload a request for a specific type of mobile app. Current …

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By Sylvia Vu of New Relic 3 days ago.

Azure Mobile Services lets you build and host the backend of any mobile app. New Relic Mobile allows users to monitor the end-to-end performance of all their mobile apps in real-time, using real-user data. So it only makes sense that we would team up with our partner Microsoft for an iOS and Android Hackathon!

Join us on Saturday, April 26th, 10am - 8pm at:

New Relic

188 Spear Street

San Francisco, CA


Come with any mobile app idea, whether it's a …

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By Paar of MySQL Performance Blog 3 days ago.

Another very extensive grammar set, usable with Percona Server 5.6 (we call this our ‘base grammar' as it test many features developed for Percona Server), can be found in randgen/conf/percona_qa/5.6/* - edit and then use 5.6.sh - the startup script (in this set WORKDIR and RQG DIR) and 5.6.cc - the combinations file (in this change path names for the optimized/debug and valgrind compiled server to match your system) to get started . More on this below.

An earlier and more limited …

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To make it possible, we leveled up the Wrapper API to make it more extensible and to allow developers to directly configure it instead of relying on global state. After such improvements, it was very easy to change the Simple Form configuration to work with Bootstrap 3. I'll talk more about this in a future post.

Integrating Bootstrap with Simple Form should be as easy as it was before. We are working on the documentation before the final release but you can find examples about how …

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Ever come to a point where you feel you've learned enough to share your experiences in the hopes of helping others traveling the same road? That's what Martin Kleppmann has done in an lovingly written Six things I wish we had known about scaling , an article well worth your time.

It's not advice about scaling a Twitter, but of building a million user system, which is the sweet spot for a lot of projects. His conclusion rings true: Building scalable systems …

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By Swirrl of Swirrl Blog 4 days ago.

Towards the end of last year, we started work on a European collaborative project called DaPaaS ( Data-and-Platform-as-a-Service). It aims to optimise and simplify both publication and use of Open Data across different platforms.

Being part of this is great for us because it's very well aligned to our development objectives for our PublishMyData platform .

Our main role in the project is to simplify data publishing for non experts. So, we'll be developing tools …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 5 days ago.

Ruby's OptionParser Is All You Need - Using the built-in code instead of a gem when you need to build command line apps.

Localtunnel - Another choice for sharing services on your dev box with the world.

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By miraculous1 of mir.aculo.us 7 days ago.

Here's some things you need to make a successful web app:

A plan to make an application that helps real people to make their lives easier, solving a well-researched problem

Understand human psychology

Know how design, both in terms of UX flow and visual design

A marketing plan, to tell potential customers that your app solves their problem

A text editor

A web server

Probably some sort of database

A payment processor of sorts

Good security from the start

An understanding …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 4 days ago.

Or like Rey Faustino , who I wrote about last month. He grew up in a working-class family in Southern California that relied on social services to make ends meet. Now he's working on fixing the problems he remembered as a child through One Degree, which is a Yelp-like platform that helps Bay Area families find the right non-profits and social services for them. It's supported by Y Combinator and has thousands of users.

Many of the people who come here …

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Here is the rough list of iterations we worked through in developing this tool/process:

Standard pt-heartbeat update/monitor

Asynchronous, threaded update/monitor tool

Synchronized (via zeroMQ), threaded version of the tool


Initially, we had been running pt-heartbeat (with default interval of 1.0) to monitor real replication delay. This was fine for general alerting, but didn't allow us to gain deeper insight into the running slaves. Even when pt-heartbeat …

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