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Web Design New OrleansThe design of your website is critical. In addition to the use of meaningful graphics that offer an inviting display, the content must have purpose and aid in achieving the goals of the homepage and site. When a potential customer arrives at your site, the homepage is the first page they see and it is important to make a good impression. The visitor should see what they’re looking for immediately so that they do not move to the next website. Go to New Orleans SEO and web design company for details.

A homepage on your site is an entry point that leads users to the web pages which will enable them to purchase a product. It is not advisable to attempt to make the sale on the homepage. You want to lead users to the web pages so they can purchase the product. It is important to plan the design of a website to promote returning visitors. There are two types of visitors: new and returning visitors. To be effective, a website must encourage repeat visitor and promote reoccurrences.

The best design allows new or repeat visitors to navigate their way around the website because it has an intuitive user interface. It must be easy to navigate and user-centered so users can access the correct information easily. All of our website designs include important site navigation including strategic layout positioning to create a functional and memorable site. For an outstanding website visit