23 April 2014

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By Jason Snell of New Relic 1 day ago.

First, we've added support for Square's popular HttpURLConnection replacement OkHttp . You'll now be able to monitor your app's network activity whether you're using OkHttpClient or OkApacheClient with no extra API calls necessary. Just click the "Network" tab for your mobile app and dive into HTTP requests, errors, geography, and carrier data. You can read more about our network monitoring features here .

We've …

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The Rails community is huge nowadays. It's not the same small group of people, as it was in 2004-2005. We have hundreds of thousands Rails programmers in the world. Every day, new people are joining our community.

Rails is no longer used only for small apps.

It's used in enterprise. People rely on Rails codebases to make money for living. I'm sure, that somewhere out there, there is a Rails codebase, on which people lives depend on.

Let's talk about responsibility. …

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By Anusha Sethuraman of New Relic 9 days ago.

As any mobile app developer knows, there's always more than just code that can slow your app down. That's why we offer New Relic Mobile , a SaaS-based mobile app monitoring solution that helps you quickly pinpoint problems and spend less time troubleshooting.

To help our new users get started, we put together this comprehensive Getting Started Guide , which will give you a basic understanding of all the must-use features in New Relic Mobile, including network-level …

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By David of Signal vs. Noise 9 days ago.

Performance tuning is a fun sport, but how you're keeping score matters more than you think, if winning is to have real impact. When it comes to web applications, the first mistake is start with what's the easiest to measure: server-side generation times.

In Rails, that's the almighty X-Runtime header — reported to the 6th decimal of a second, for that extra punch of authority. A clear target, easily measured, and in that safe realm of your own code to make it appear fully …

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Hiring a Mid-Senior Ruby on Rails Developer. You will be an experienced Ruby and Rails engineer with the opportunity to work in central London with a great company.

Essential skills



Exposure to Rack Middleware and implementation



Creating /Consuming REST ful API' s


Experience that would be Nice to have

Cloud -AWS, Heroku

Elastic Search, Lucene, Solr

Central London, great company!

up …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 6 days ago.

This Week in Rails - Weekly newsletter tracking the progress of the Rails source code.

xkpasswd - Online secure password generator that uses the algorithm popularized by xkcd.

Invoicing - Ruby gem that tries to capture the process of producing printed invoices.

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Ever come to a point where you feel you've learned enough to share your experiences in the hopes of helping others traveling the same road? That's what Martin Kleppmann has done in an lovingly written Six things I wish we had known about scaling , an article well worth your time.

It's not advice about scaling a Twitter, but of building a million user system, which is the sweet spot for a lot of projects. His conclusion rings true: Building scalable systems …

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By Paar of MySQL Performance Blog 6 days ago.

Another very extensive grammar set, usable with Percona Server 5.6 (we call this our ‘base grammar' as it test many features developed for Percona Server), can be found in randgen/conf/percona_qa/5.6/* - edit and then use 5.6.sh - the startup script (in this set WORKDIR and RQG DIR) and 5.6.cc - the combinations file (in this change path names for the optimized/debug and valgrind compiled server to match your system) to get started . More on this below.

An earlier and more limited …

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On igvita.com 2 days ago.

The user opens your application on their device and triggers an action requiring that we fetch a remote resource: application invokes the appropriate platform API (e.g. XMLHttpRequest), the runtime serializes the request (e.g. translates it to a well-formed HTTP request) and passes the resulting byte buffer to the OS, which then fragments it into one or more TCP packets and finally passes the buffer to the link layer.

So far, so good, but what happens next? As you can guess, the answer …

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To make it possible, we leveled up the Wrapper API to make it more extensible and to allow developers to directly configure it instead of relying on global state. After such improvements, it was very easy to change the Simple Form configuration to work with Bootstrap 3. I'll talk more about this in a future post.

Integrating Bootstrap with Simple Form should be as easy as it was before. We are working on the documentation before the final release but you can find examples about how …

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