20 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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Hiring a Mid-Senior Ruby on Rails Developer. You will be an experienced Ruby and Rails engineer with the opportunity to work in central London with a great company.

Essential skills



Exposure to Rack Middleware and implementation



Creating /Consuming REST ful API' s


Experience that would be Nice to have

Cloud -AWS, Heroku

Elastic Search, Lucene, Solr

Central London, great company!

up to 60K based on experience

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tl;dr — Photos+ has a new home at Silver Pine Software . Elements has been discontinued due to lack of sales and so I can focus on Glassboard .

When I decided to take over Glassboard , I knew I was at the time biting off more than I could chew as a sole developer. Balancing a product that has three front-end clients, an API server, and tens of thousands of users while also working almost full-time as an iOS and Android contractor isn't easy. Add on top of that, my existing suite of products and it's a bit insane.

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By Swirrl of Swirrl Blog 6 days ago.

…data from APIs than having to download files and manage them themselves - showing just how accessible API use can be.

If you want to get more of an insight about the hackathon, check out tweets from the event and the screenshots below (thanks to the OKF Scotland blog ), which show some of the great apps created.

CareForEd project:

MSP Involvement project:

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By David of Signal vs. Noise 6 days ago.

…overhead (the latter easily catching out people following the "just do a server-side API ", since the json may well generate in 50ms, but then the client-side computation takes a full second on the below-average device — doh!).

Level two, once reasonable efforts have been made to trim the fat around the X-Runtime itself, is getting some big numbers up on the board: Mean and the 90th percentile. Those really are great places to start. If your mean is an embarrassing 500ms+, …

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…software which is impacted. An openly exposed service, which is typically a website or some form of API, can potentially cause the biggest impact for anyone. Even though we talk a lot about MySQL Server (and its variants), it will not be the primary concern for organizations following best practices and not exposing their MySQL server to the open Internet.

Second, if you take care of patching your operating system, this will take care of Percona Server, MariaDB or MySQL Server…

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By Shaun Gordon of New Relic 8 days ago.

…exposed. But if you have any concerns, you can use these instructions to change your password and regenerate your API key . Considering the scope of Heartbleed, we encourage you to reset your password for al your most important accounts, as many other services you use may have been affected.

If you have additional questions or concerns, you can get in touch with us at support.newrelic.com .

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By Joshua Timberman of Chef Blog 10 days ago.

Yesterday (2014-04-08) at 22:39 UTC to 23:16 UTC, Hosted Enterprise Chef search API requests were returning 502 HTTP response codes. One of the "killer features" of using a Chef Server is the search capability, so I know many of our customers rely on that API. I'm sorry that the search API was not available.

Then, at 2014-04-09T03:55 UTC to 04:17 UTC, the search API began returning 500s again. This was deemed to only affect approximately 10% of the search requests, …

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By Lucas Mazza of Plataformatec Blog 12 days ago.

API versioning for your Jbuilder templates.

Maintaining current and redesigned views for the same controller.

Authorization aware views, like users/index.html+admin.erb or products/show.html+guest.erb .

In the end, Variants are just a way for you to have more control over how your views will be used by the app, helping you to remove boilerplate logic from your code and letting the framework handle it through a more elegant solution.

3) The improved cookies serializer

The changes …

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By Dan Tello of Viget.com Blogs 12 days ago.

…bundles them into a new file. You can use Browserify on the command line, or through its API in Node (using Gulp in this case).

Basic API example


var hideElement = require ( './hideElement' ); hideElement ( '#some-id' );


var $ = require ( 'jquery' ); module . exports = function ( selector ) { return $ ( selector ). hide (); };


var browserify = require ( 'browserify' ); var bundle = browserify ( './app.js' …

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By Nathan Smith of Chef Blog 16 days ago.

At no point was the Hosted Enterprise Chef server API unavailable, and during the outage Chef Manage was available, but not behaving as expected. While this was not a total outage, we hate disrupting our customers' work and expectations almost as much as we abhor not letting them get their work done because of an outage.

Chef Manage is now available at https://manage.opscode.com .

If you would like to contact me directly about this incident or anything else, you can …

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