24 April 2014

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Adobe Photoshop

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By Nate of Signal vs. Noise 1 month ago.

…the Basecamp design team is great for me because I'm not particularly strong in Photoshop or Illustrator—those guys are all ninjas. I like to draw, and that is how my time is spent most efficiently.

Usually I have no idea how the images are going to be used until they are implemented live on the website, which is fine by me. I like the surprise of finding a fully rendered web page with my drawings.

Hopefully it is a page you will never have to find.

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By 37signals of Signal vs. Noise 2 months ago.

…learned basic HTML by viewing source and deconstructing other sites. I knew my way around Photoshop 3 just enough to be dangerous. So it was time to do some selling.

I looked around the web for sites that I thought I could improve. My interest was in finance at the time, so I reached out to a variety of financial sites. I often sent a short email to whatever email address I could find on a given site. Usually it was webmaster@domain.com.

I don't have any of those original emails anymore, …

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On Lee Munroe 3 months ago.

…ditched RSS; Techcrunch, Mashable, Smashing Mag, PSD tutorial sites, designer blogs, developer blogs... it was too much to keep up with on a daily basis, which ended up in 1,000s of unread articles.

Now there are a handful of websites I check every other day. It's much easier to keep on top of and I don't feel like I've missed out on much.

1. Sidebar

Created by Sacha Greif, contributed to by various quality designers, it showcases just a few good design …

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By Dominic of Blog | The Working Group 4 months ago.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills

A solid understanding of HTML & CSS

Secondary UX skills in interaction design, front-end development, drawing, animation, or video

A Bachelor's Degree in Design or formal training in graphic design or a related work experience

Benefits & Perks:

Awesome workmates

Competitive salary

Full health benefits after 3 months

New phone and paid contract after 6 months

Funding for your own computer purchase on hire

24×7 …

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On ZURB 5 months ago.

…Using larger images are ideal and most email clients actually have scaling algorithms better than Photoshop. That means it's better to feed in a large image and let the mail client do the work rather than exporting something at 580px.

3. Too Many Links Can Affect Overall Tap-through

Our product design lessons are among our best received newsletters, reaching open rates as high as 51% and tap-through rates up to 25% . But at one point, the tap-through rate tanked to …

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…versions of symbols in Fireworks or Illustrator, or as Smart objects in Photoshop; the most basic way of making a value appear in multiple places while still being able to update it where it was defined.

It prevents you from having to search through your code, trying to find all the places where you specified a certain number or name. Change the value of the variable and all the instances where it's used will update along with it.

Any single property that will be repeated in the code, …

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By Sara of Heroku 5 months ago.

…kept going back to his computer. He says he couldn't help it. "I'd spend hours in Photoshop and GoLive, learning all of the tricks to making websites. These were the days before CSS, when <table> , <font> , and spacer.gif were state of the art." Back then, he pictured himself as a designer, which is what he did for the web design company he and a developer friend started while still in high school.

"Do a quick Google search, and you'll find that …

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On Lee Munroe 5 months ago.

Purchase Creative Cloud . Install Photoshop, Illustrator, Extension Manager.

Purchase & install Axure . Rapid prototyping. Add Axure Chrome extension .

Copy across any personal design resources (icons, photography, PSDs, fonts).


Install Sublime . Code editor.

Install iTerm . Terminal.

Install Xcode (and Command line tools ). Comes with iOS simulator and other useful behind-the-scene …

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By Brent Miller of New Relic 6 months ago.

…the system worked with our data on our pages all at once, without the tedium of trying to do it in Photoshop. That's how we came up with 1.3 as our ratio — we played with it until it looked right.

The next time we have to do a redesign, we're all going to be very happy campers.

We've had a lot of success at New Relic finding areas like this where design principles and engineering principles overlap. It gives the designers and engineers a shared language, simplifies the code, …

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On carpeaqua by Justin Williams 6 months ago.

Adobe bandwagon. I don't really have a system for when I use Acorn and when I use Photoshop. It usually just ends up depending on what I decide to type into Launchbar on a given day.

RCDefaultApp - RCDefaultApp is one of those applications that has been on my Mac for so long, I take it for granted. For those times when you want to force a file extension to open in a specific application, it's great.

Rdio : Last year I made my transition away from a local …

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