24 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Patrick Lenz of Patrick Lenz 1 year ago.

…Search Scope" tab in the slide down panel. I keep my articles in ~/ Dropbox/ Articles/ , for example.

As Brett mentions in his article, the terms returned by Zemanta are sometimes a little verbose and need a little manual tidy up. They're also not replacing my manual tags any time soon. But one thing I will start using them for is meta tags.

Download Workflow

(The source code for the workflow is also available on GitHub .)

Happy Easter!

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By Chris Kelly of New Relic 1 year ago.

…keep your eyes on the Coding Forward hub, this blog or follow us on Twitter .

Thanks to everyone that came out to the events. And thank you to the panelists for taking the time to share their experiences with us.

The post Coding Forward Was Awesome! Check Out These Articles, Photos & Videos From the Event appeared first on New Relic blog .

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability almost 3 years ago.
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Books, Articles, Blogs and now Twitter:

We couldn't write books every month, so we started writing articles. We couldn't write articles each week, so we invented blogs. We can't write blogs every day, so we have twitter. It is just a very low cost way to get the message across.

After using it for a while here are some things I learnt as far as twitter etiquettes are concerned:

Keep audience engaged:

My leg is hurting ... nice weather ... are boring tweets. They don't …

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Follow these steps if you wish to add a sitemap.xml generator to a rails application. The idea is to generate a sitemap.xml for selected records from the database, in this case they are Articles and Categories. This sitemap is pinged to popular search engines like google, yahoo, bing and yahoo.

Step 1: Add a sitemap.rb file to [...]

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Some new articles have been posted to the Slicehost Articles Repository to help customers manage their slices. If you haven't visited our articles site before, it's a collection of tutorials and advice ranging from setting up a new slice to juggling multiple domains on a web server. It's well worth a visit when you're trying to do something new with a slice or optimize a service you already have running.

From Lee we have a pair of articles on working with SSL

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By José Valim of Plataformatec Blog over 4 years ago.

InheritedResources appends to all named routes the prefix "users". But since Articles belongs to :user, it also appends "user". So the resource_url method will actually call "users_user_article_url", which is not defined. The fix is simple:

class Users::ArticlesController < InheritedResources::Base defaults :route_prefix => nil belongs_to :users end

Matt's post contains a lot of tips about using nested controllers and it's a must-read. …

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