25 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector


Bitnami Rubystack

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 1 year ago.

Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough: The Best Bits - From Peter Cooper.

How to Use Trello Effectively (What Worked for Our Small Team) - One point of view. Some day I should write up how we use it.

Hook.js - "Pull to refresh. For the web."

The easiest way to test Ruby 2.0 - The Bitnami Rubystack has been upgraded.

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup over 2 years ago.

Slept in, and now I'll be behind the entire day. Oh well, onwards!

Twitter Web Analytics - Coming soon, see how your Twitter integration performs. I'm a bit skeptical that this sort of analytics balkanization will survive in the long run.

Fastly - Edge content network with some attractive try-out pricing.

padrino_gelflogger - Integrate your Padrino applications with Graylog.

New BitNami RubyStack with Rails 3.1.3 released - Perhaps …

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