21 April 2014

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On Ruby News 4 months ago.

MINOR : increased every christmas, may be API incompatible

TEENY : security or bug fix which maintains API compatibility

May be increased more than 10 (such as 2.1.11 ), and will be released every 2-3 months.

PATCH : number of commits since last MINOR release (will be reset at 0 when releasing MINOR )

Branching Schema

We will maintain the following branches:



The ruby_{MAJOR}_{MINOR} branch will be maintained across TEENY releases. We …

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…autumn at MySQL Connect and released another version in December just before Christmas with some new additions and some new features.

Tom : How many users would you say there are now?

Mats : As far as we know, no one have deployed it but we know that people are experimenting with it. We haven't released it as a product yet — it's in a pre-GA state. I'd call it a beta right now and we are working on the public bug reports

Tom: Your session at Percona Live

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By Patrick of Kalzumeus Software 3 months ago.

…card failed for the last month's charge of Appointment Reminder right before Christmas, so that we can charge them $ 2,400 this year like we did last year." I anticipate that phone call to take 5 minutes or less. $ 2,400 is approximately equal to an entire month's profits of BCC. Any questions?

I rather suspect that it is just down to the ebb and flow of Google algorithms rather than any specific named algorithmic change ( Panda/Penguin/etc) or penalization.

Appointment Reminder…

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By John Keiser of Chef Blog 4 months ago.

An early Christmas present for you!

We've been rethinking how Chef can be used to bootstrap machines and create test environments, and an early prototype- chef-metal -has come out of that thinking. The long explanation is [here](https://github.com/jkeiser/chef-metal/blob/master/README.md). The short form is, imagine writing this in a recipe and having the machine show up, converged, in EC2, VirtualBox, or LXC: machine 'luigi' do recipe 'apache' recipe 'mywebapp' end

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On ZURB 4 months ago.

…timeline for this project was tighter than Santa's suit after he's had a few Christmas cookies. Starting in November, we had to ship everything by Dec. 13. And our sled hit a bump in the frost with our mailing list. We had to open up the problem and having others involved helped get us to a better answer.

For instance, our mailing list. It was collected from various sources: our clients, our close friends and those who signed up for our monthly newsletter . Not everyone …

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