19 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 1 year ago.

…and like it? Then join us as a Senior Distributed Systems Engineer or Client / Application Engineer. People covent your bag of tricks for troubleshooting systems and network issues? Join our Operations and QA team. See if these positions are a fit for you!

Fun and Informative Events

It's back! Join the MySQL Community at the annual Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo in Santa Clara , April 22-25. This year's conference features an …

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By Roman Vynar of MySQL Performance Blog over 1 year ago.

* `host_max` varchar(64) DEFAULT NULL - Client host which executed the query.

* `db_max` varchar(64) DEFAULT NULL - Current database that comes from USE database statements.

* `hostname_max` varchar(64) NOT NULL - Hostname of the server where slow log is located or was copied from.

The first three columns could be populated automatically when you run pt-query-digest but in order to set the hostname you need to specify it in the -filter option. For example: pt-query-digest --review …

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By Daniel Bernier of Invisible Blocks almost 2 years ago.

Client's Accounts, should we load the ThirdPartyAdministrator, find the Client, and get its Accounts? load the Accounts directly? load the Client, and get its Accounts?

For a ridiculously simplified example, but to give you the flavor of it, say we load the ThirdPartyAdministrator, the aggregate root, and go from there:

class ThirdPartyAdministratorRepository def load_tpa(id) ... end end

tpa = ThirdPartyAdministratorRepositor.load_tpa(42) client = tpa.clients[client_id] …

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On Viget.com Blogs 2 years ago.

Client ( Relationship) - Related to the Client channel

Categories : Services group, Work group

What third party addons did we use?

Nothing out of the ordinary here, but I'm always interested to know what addons a site uses.





Low Reorder



Low Search




Hon-ee Pot Captcha

BW Required Category

Low …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 2 years ago.

Faraday: One HTTP Client to Rule Them All - I hadn't realized that Faraday had an entire middleware stack built into it. Among other things that makes it useful for writing fake responses in tests.

A few cURL Tips for Daily Use - Download resuming, faking AJAX requests, using requests from a file and more.

Wirb - Syntax highlighting for irb. Based on Wirble but without the other tools.

Measure Anything, Measure Everything - How to …

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…processor look something like this: class KestrelTrackService def initialize(client, queue) @ client = client @ queue = queue end

def record(attrs) @client.set(@queue, MessagePack.pack(attrs)) end end

class KestrelTrackProcessor def initialize(client, queue) @ client = client @ queue = queue end

def run loop { process } end

def process record @client.get(@queue) end

def record(data) Hit.record(MessagePack.unpack(data)) end end

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By Bryan McLellan of Chef Blog over 2 years ago.

…users of Chef this year, which also included our release of an Chef Client Installer for Windows . There are members of the community already deploying this installer using group policy and teaming it with Windows Deployment Services ( WDS) to enable bootstrapping bare-metal into fully functional servers. This pattern prevents traditional dusty and broken build documents for meat-cloud built servers as well as golden-images with an uncertain past.

Opscode Hosted Chef experienced …

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By Sarah of the evolving ultrasaurus over 2 years ago.

…1.6.0 26-b03)

Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 20.1-b02, mixed mode, sharing)

See this tutorial for setting up minecraft , but if you are playing with the Minecraft 1.0 client (at least of today) you'll need to install a dev build which you can find on the ci server . I found that I needed to run the server, stop it and run it again. Now it seems to work fine.

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By Darcy Laycock of Engine Yard Developer Blog almost 3 years ago.

Step 2. Writing the HTTP Client The next step is to write a HTTP client by using the APISmith::Client mixin. Much like the normal HTTParty mixin, this gives us handy methods on the class like get and post , but in the case of API Smith we're also given the option to configure endpoints (separate from the base_uri ), a fairly simple hierarchical way of declaring query and body parameters as well as specifying request options for HTTParty.

Secondly, it also adds tools …

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By Dan DeLeo of Chef Blog 3 years ago.

Updated the retry logic in our HTTP Client to use an exponential

backoff for 50x responses

Set a custom User Agent string in the HTTP Client.

Sending SIGQUIT to Chef Client will now cause Chef to log a stack


chef-solr-indexer now properly XML escapes keys in nested Hashes.

Invalid cache files will be deleted automatically instead of causing

an error.

knife ssh can connect to an arbitrary TCP port.

The CentOS Bootstrap Scripts now install rubygems 1.3.7 …

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