21 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Zeke of Heroku 1 month ago.

…there are some free alternatives such as Mozilla's read-only S3/ CloudFront mirror and Maciej Małecki's European mirror .

Configuring your Heroku node app to use a custom registry is easy: heroku config:set npm_config_registry=http://registry.npmjs.eu

8. Keep track of outdated dependencies

If you've been programming long enough, you've probably been to dependency hell . Fortunately Node.js and npm have set a precedent …

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 12 months ago.

…Price Class for your audience to potentially reduce delivery costs by excluding Amazon CloudFront's more expensive edge locations.

Optimize ElastiCache Cluster costs by right sizing cluster node sizes. For different usage scenarios (heavy, moderate, low) their are optimal instances types. Choosing the right type for the right usage scenario saves money.

Amazon Auto Scaling can save costs by better matching demand and capacity. Certainly not a new idea but the …

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By Paul Ingles of pingles 1 year ago.

…uSwitch.com so much easier. We're gradually moving more and more static assets to CloudFront (although most visitors are in the UK responses have much lower latencies than direct from S3 or even our own nginx servers). CloudFront doesn't support serving gzip'ed content direct from S3 out of the box.

Because of this, up until last week we were serving uncompressed assets, at least anything that wasn't already compressed (such as images). Last week we put …

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By Tom Fakes of CRAZ8 over 1 year ago.

CDN providers, but one of the easiest to sign up for and configure is Amazon's CloudFront service.

Here's how I configured my Rails blog to use CloudFront to serve all the static assets.

In the AWS Console

Select the CloudFront option

Click the Create Distribution button

Set these options


Your current domain name (for my blog, this is blog.craz8.com )

Origin ID: assets.domain-name (e.g. assets.blog.craz8.com )

Select which Price Class…

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On Coding Horror almost 2 years ago.

During that six day period, my overall Amazon CloudFront and S3 bill for these downloaded audio samples was $ 103.72 for 800 GB of data, across 200k requests.

Based on the raw click stats, it looks like a bunch of folks clicked on the first and second files, then lost interest. Probably because of, y'know, Starship . Still, it's encouraging to note that the last two files were both clicked about 5.5k times for those that toughed their way out to the very end. Of those …

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By Robby Russell of Robby on Rails almost 2 years ago.

Just a short and sweet little tip.

Several months ago we moved one of our clients over to Akamai's Content Delivery Network ( CDN). Ww were previously using a combination of Amazon S3 and CloudFront with some benefits, but we were finding several key areas of the world were not s covered by Amazon (yet) for asset delivery. Along with that, we really wanted to take advantage of the CDN for more of our HTML content with a lot of complex rules that related to geo-targeting and regionalization of content.

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By Leigh Shevchik of New Relic almost 2 years ago.

* Amazon updates its Cloudfront CDN to handle dynamic, interactive web content.

* High Scalability compiles a list of the top 20 performance bottlenecks .

* Sasha Goldstein describes how to fit time for performance in the software development lifecycle.

* Steve Sounders explains why you should start creating your mobile presence as a web presence .

* John Allspaw, VP of Operation at Etsy, has some interesting insights into …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup almost 2 years ago.

…in under 500 bytes.

Monitor HTTP Traffic on Mobile/Fennec - Firebug's Net panel for Android devices.

git-playback - Slide show creation from git commits.

Amazon CloudFront - Support for Dynamic Content - Amazon's CDN knows what to do with querystrings now.

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On paperplanes 2 years ago.

…data but with similar benefits (replication, redundancy, fault-tolerance), use S3 and CloudFront. Nothing's keeping you from using several services obviously. If I used DynamoDB for something it'd probably not be my main datastore, but an add-on for data I need to have highly available and stored in a fault-tolerant fashion, but that's a matter of taste.

A Word on Throughput Capacity

Whereas you had to dynamically add capacity in self-hosting database systems, always …

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By Eric Python IDE of Lessons Learned over 2 years ago.

…services, from hosting to databases to payments (FPS) to content delivery ( CloudFront) - even e-commerce fulfillment (FWS). The AWS team is excited about the book, too, and they've stepped up huge: the tiers below contain almost $ 100,000 in AWS credits. Some of the packages are almost worth buying for that value alone.

But only almost! Because at every level I have tried to give way more value than you're paying. When you read the descriptions below, you're …

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