20 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector


Common Language Infrastructure

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By Sara of Heroku 5 months ago.

…utility for Salesforce. Mattt expects the client libraries and CLI to radically improve the development experience for millions of Salesforce developers.

Away From Keyboard

Although Mattt is enthusiastic about programming and his role at Heroku, his time away from the keyboard is particularly interesting. "Back in May, after an exhausting month-long trip through Europe, I decided that I was tired of waiting to do all of the things that I had wanted to do," he …

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On Programblings 5 months ago.

You inherit from Sensu:: Plugin::Check:: CLI , then define a run method and you're off to the races.

CLI parameters

The option method lets you declare how your script should be invoked. Here's a few things you can specify:

default value

required arguments

short and long argument names ( -v or --version )

description for CLI help

a proc to run on the argument (commonly used to call .to_i, .to_f)

This also has the nice side effect of producing a useful --help …

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By Chris Fregly of High Scalability 6 months ago.

…as well!

Note: These are default soft limits and will vary by account.

2) Tame your S3 buckets

Delete an entire S3 bucket with a single CLI command:

aws s3 rb s3://<bucket-name> --forc e

Recursively copy a local directory to S3:

aws s3 cp <local-dir-name> s3://<bucket-name> --region <region-name> --recursive

3) Understand AWS cross-region dependencies

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To make this file available to Hive CLI tools, we need to copy it to /usr/lib/hive/lib on every server in the cluster (I have prepared an rpm package to do just that).

To make sure Hive map-reduce jobs would be able to read/write JSON tables, we needed to copy our JAR file to /usr/lib/hadoop/lib directory on all task tracker servers in the cluster (the same rpm does that).

And last, really important step: To make sure your TaskTracker servers know about the new jar, you …

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On Dalibor Nasevic 1 year ago.

I was working on a small CLI ( Command Line Interface) in Ruby over the weekend and I wanted to test the user input on the command line and the output that the program will print out. I figured out this simple FakeIO class that helps me do that. # 'support/fake_io' class FakeIO

attr_accessor :input, :output

def initialize(input) @ input = input @ output = "" end

def gets @input.shift.to_s end

def puts(string) @ output << "#{string}\n" end

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By Chris Kelly of New Relic over 1 year ago.

…we'll upload to AWS identity management service. You need the IAM CLI Tools installed and configured before you can continue. Use the IAM CLI to upload your certificate and private key: $ iam-servercertupload -b server.crt -k privatekey.pem -s railstutorial

Although the command won't return anything to your prompt, everything should be uploaded. Now you need to get the unique identifier for your certificate: $ iam-servercertlistbypath arn:aws:iam::YOURACCOUNTNUM:server-certificate/railsTutorial …

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By Joshua Timberman of Chef Blog over 1 year ago.

Finally, test-kitchen's CLI now has a --version option, so you can tell what version you're running.

Happy testing!


[ KITCHEN-23 ] - Generated Kitchenfile should honor cookbook name from metadata.rb


[ KITCHEN-40 ] - If a cookbook project is included in the default Cheffile, librarian errors out

New Feature

[ KITCHEN-5 ] - Create Openstack Runner for test-kitchen

[ KITCHEN-34 ] …

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Suspenders is a CLI for creating Rails app with thoughtbot standard defaults.

When you use Suspenders-generated Rails apps, you'll now automatically track your slowest-running specs thanks to Dan Croak ( croaky ) in 69c7fdd .

You will also automatically track your test coverage thanks to Joe Ferris ( jferris ) in 2787281 44c51c1 .

The validity of your factories will always be tested first thanks to Dan in 52444eb …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup over 1 year ago.

Shenzen - CLI for building and distributing iOS applications.

Mail Pilot Public Beta - Interesting take on workflow for an email client.

brew-cask - CLI installation for Mac GUI applications via homebrew.

RailwayJS - MVC JavaScript framework based on ExpressJS and Rails.

LLSJ: Low-Level JavaScript - "offers a C-like type system with manual memory management".

Letters - A rather terse debugging library for …

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By Matthew Bass of Matthew Bass over 1 year ago.

…'s answer to the problem of managing an army of developer laptops. The Setup uses the CLI and Puppet and has been in development for 6 months. It enables a developer to script a configuration for his laptop (e.g. Apache, Ruby, RVM, a text editor, custom Bash aliases, etc) and have that configuration automatically installed on a new MacBook.

" Adhearsion: Telephony Through Ruby-colored Lenses" [ slides ] by Ben Klang was another presentation …

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