20 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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On Labnotes 8 months ago.

§ This is mighty useful: Just Delete Me - A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services .

§ PRSM - Introducing a brand new way to share everything . Now open to everyone. Your account is already setup.

§ Sayings 2.1 :

A reboot a day, keeps the crash log at bay.

Great minds share the same news articles.

Google wasn't built in a day.

§ Math Experts Split the Check :

Engineer : Is everyone's money in? It seems …

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By Leigh Shevchik of New Relic almost 2 years ago.

…given a full programmatic CRUD interface, to Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete instances of the given type.

The node entity type is to most sites the central type — it's what editors normally create on a daily basis. Nodes are further broken down in bundles — a type of data template for your content. These can be anything from articles, FAQ pages, interviews, podcast episodes, etc. This all depends on your unique site.

Entities in and of themselves are just bare, boring objects. …

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On igvita.com 2 years ago.

Support for Put, Get, Delete operations

Forward and backward iteration over data

Built-in Snappy compression

Designed to be the engine for IndexDB in WebKit (aka, embedded in your browser), it is easy to embed , fast , and best of all, takes care of all the SSTable and MemTable flushing, merging and other gnarly details.

Working with LevelDB: Ruby

LevelDB is a library, not a standalone server or service - although you could easily implement …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup over 2 years ago.

s3nukem - Delete large Amazon S3 buckets - Deleting buckets with millions of items is one of the stupidly hard operations in Amazon S3. This makes it a bit easier. (Hat tip to Jérémy Lecour )

Pakyow 0.7 - Oh look, another ruby web framework came out when I wasn't looking.

jquip - Project to break up the monolithic jQuery code to a small core and plugins.

Literate programming with Github and Markdown - I've been interested …

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By andrewperk of Videos related to 'Ruby on Rails - Part 1: Hello World' over 2 years ago.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial Part 8 - CRUD - Delete - Destroy Method

In this Ruby on Rails Tutorial we'll learn how to delete a post using the destroy method. In this video I'm using Rails 3.1 and Ruby 1.9.2 on Linux.

The source code for this video should be available on my site within a few days: http://www.andrews-custom-web-design.com/

From: andrewperk

Views: 8736

80 ratings Time: 04:45 More in Science & Technology

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By Max of occasionally useful almost 4 years ago.

In my Android app, I have a ListView, and I want to persist a button at the bottom of the page (like how the Gmail app has Archive, Delete, and Older on the View Email screen). Unfortunately, this is not trivial, and many others have tried , but despite those suggestions, I never found something that quite worked correctly. The third article above got me actually pretty close, so without further ado, here's a working solution (images and javascript include after the jump):

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By Matt of Signal vs. Noise 4 years ago.

…, the Delete/Edit message links are close to each other. But if you do click on Delete accidentally, you have to confirm it:

We go the dialog route when the action does irreversible damage to something you might care about a lot. Loss of a calendar event is unfortunate but easily reparable. But loss of a message with comments can cause significant pain.

( Btw, one thing about the examples used in the Fitts' Law post: There's actually a setting in Gmail that lets …

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On Dalibor Nasevic 4 years ago.

Simple Storage Service), where you can actually CRUD ( Create Read Update and Delete) unlimited number of files from 1 byte to 5 gigabytes of data each. Amazon S3 has it's own terminology of buckets and objects for something like folders and files in the file system terminology. And, it gives you appropriate urls from where you can access the uploaded files.

Then screencast goes into details on how to use AWS ::S3 gem written by Marcel Molina which abstracts all API

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By Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror over 4 years ago.

…system yet. Enter the BIOS (this is typically done by pressing F12 or Delete during bootup) and check the BIOS screens to make sure it's detecting your hard drives, memory, and any optical drives successfully. Browse around and do some basic reality checks. Then do not pass GO, do not collect $ 200, go straight to your motherboard manufacturer's website and download the latest BIOS . On another computer, obviously. Most modern motherboards allow updating the BIOS from a …

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By Glenn West of Mental Paging Space almost 5 years ago.

Current Things That Are Working:


1. Can read full table

2. Can read using JqGrid Pager

3. Added Sort support, so server will honor the grid sort request

4. Added Delete,Add and Update support.

5. Auto Generates JqGrid Javascript from ActiveRecord

6 Added Total Records to XML so Pager works properly.

ActiveJquery Library/Client

1. Added support for string, integer, date.

2. Generates JSON Based Reader compatible with Rails JSON Format

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