17 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector


David Chelimsky

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Thank you to David Chelimsky and Myron Marston for RSpec, which we use on all our apps.

Thank you to Max Howell for making it simple to install dependencies like C compilers, Postgres, Ack, Exuberant Ctags, tmux, ImageMagick, Redis, and more with Homebrew.

Thank you to Wayne E. Seguin, Michal Papis, and 37signals for making it easy to manage Ruby versions with RVM and rbenv.

Thank you Nicholas Marriott for making it easier to manage various terminals with …

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On Ruby News 1 year ago.

world-class speakers as Aaron Patterson (rails and ruby core), David Chelimsky ( The RSpec book author, RSpec core member), Charles Nutter ( JRuby maintainer), Sandi Metz ( Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby author) or Yukihiro Matz (the Ruby language creator), among others.

The call for papers is already open and admitting submissions until 10th of March - don't miss the chance to be on that list!

Each one of the 4 selected speakers …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside over 1 year ago.

After several years at the helm, David Chelimsky is handing over the reins to Myron Marston and Andy Lindeman for RSpec and rspec-rails respectively. Thanks for all your hard work, David.

Upgrading to Rails 4: A Forthcoming Book (in Beta)

Andy Lindeman of the RSpec core team is working on a new book designed to bring you up to speed with Rails 4. It's in beta so you can support him now, if you like.


Making Your Ruby Fly

Andrei Lisnic…

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Thank you to David Chelimsky for RSpec, a beautiful and powerful testing library.

Thank you to Bill Joy, Bram Moolenaar, and Tim Pope for making and improving Vim, our beloved text editor.

Thank you to the many Postgres committers for a rock-solid and always-improving database.

Thank you to Hampton Catlin, Nathan Weizenbaum, and Chris Eppstein for Haml and Sass.

Thank you to Max Howell for making it simple to install dependencies like C compilers, Postgres, Ack

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By David of David Chelimsky over 1 year ago.

…reporting isn't clobbered by examples that modify Time without properly restoring it. ( David Chelimsky)


share_as is no longer needed. shared_context and/or RSpec:: SharedContext provide better mechanisms ( Sam Phippen).

Deprecate RSpec.configuration with a block (use RSpec.configure ).


full changelog


Colorize diffs if the --color option is configured. ( Alex Coplan)

Include backtraces in unexpected …

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By José Valim of Plataformatec Blog almost 2 years ago.

When David Chelimsky was visiting São Paulo in last April, we invited him to go out for some coffee, beers and brazilian appetizers. We had a great time and we talked about different topics like OO, programming languages, authoring books and, as expected, about testing.

One of the topics in our testing discussion was the current confusion in rspec-rails request specs when using Capybara. There is an open issue for this in rspec-rails' issues tracker and discussing it personally …

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…Behaviour Driven Development with Rspec, Cucumber, and Friends ( David Chelimsky)

The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers ( Matt Wynne and Aslak Hellesoy)

Other good stuff:

Test Driven Development: By Example ( Kent Beck)

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship ( Robert Martin)

Working Effectively with Legacy Code ( Michael Feathers)



http://www.destroyallsoftware.com …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside over 2 years ago.

RSpec 2.8 has been released, along with rspec-rails 2.8.1 for the full Rails 3.x integration experience.

RSpec is a BDD-focused testing tool that's particularly popular in the Rails world where everyone except DHH is using it (if you believe the hoopla). RSpec has faced accusations of being less than speedy in the past, but it seems 2.8 has had a performance firework shoved up its tailpipe:

David Chelimsky, the creator of RSpec, also notes that in RSpec 2.8:

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By David of David Chelimsky over 2 years ago.

Bug fixes

Fix configuration/integration bug with rails 3.0 (fixed in 3.1) in which fixure_file_upload reads from ActiveSupport:: TestCase.fixture path and misses RSpec's configuration ( David Chelimsky)

Support nested resource in view spec generator ( David Chelimsky)

Define primary_key on class generated by mock model(" WithAString") ( David Chelimsky)

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By Obie Fernandez of Obie Fernandez almost 3 years ago.

Cucumber that involves developers in cultivating a mindset of provable business value. David Chelimsky and I joked around that perhaps such a tool should be called Squash .

One of the natural questions that arises from this line of thinking is: When am I no longer an early-stage startup? The implication being that at some point, you know enough about your market fit and product requirements that you can transition into what I've been calling high-ceremony development practices.

I …

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