19 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Adam Prattler of RubyLearning Blog 1 month ago.

Network Programming, Application Programming, Multimedia Design, Business Applications, System Administration, and Web Systems:

The University of Technology

Carnegie Mellon University

University of New South Wales

Swinburne University of Technology

University of Sydney

RMIT University

Vocational training through the.privately owned Australian College of Information Technology is offered in Information Technology and Multimedia. By educating …

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"Architecture and Design of MySQL Powered Applications," Peter Zaitsev, Percona

" MySQL Workload Replay," Ashwin Nellore, Xiang Rao, Yahoo

Tutorial Schedule

The Percona Live MySQL Conference Committee has also selected a strong agenda of tutorials which will take place on April 1. Tutorials provide practical, in-depth knowledge of critical MySQL issues. Topics include:

" MySQL Replication: Advanced Features in all flavors," Giuseppe Maxia…

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By Beth Klem of New Relic 3 months ago.

Experiment early and often.

A/B testing isn't always conclusive. If the changes aren't intended to produce purely numbers-driven results, use other methods to test.

UX and Marketing teams need to work together to find the sweet spot between balancing User and Business needs.

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On ZURB 4 months ago.

…not complex apps. To get the ball rolling, we're rebuilding all of our Product Design Apps to be responsive and built on Foundation. Our plans include placing a number of Web-app centric components and plugins in Foundation. That will make building a complex app as straight-forward as creating a marketing site or simple content page.

2014 is going to be a big year in responsive design. So with that, we want to welcome you to the New Year!

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On ZURB 4 months ago.

…including Playground, ZURB Word, Pattern Tap, Friday 15, Design Quips and Behaviors — into one Library resource . There are also weekly product design lessons. This resource helps product designers learn the many facets of product design under one umbrella.

5. So Long Painful Images Loads on Small Devices

Images in responsive web design have long stymied designers. Many have proposed solutions, but none quite fit every need. In May, we tackled the problem and released …

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By Dominic of Blog | The Working Group 4 months ago.

A Bachelor's Degree in Design or formal training in graphic design or a related work experience

Benefits & Perks:

Awesome workmates

Competitive salary

Full health benefits after 3 months

New phone and paid contract after 6 months

Funding for your own computer purchase on hire

24×7 healthy snacks and very delicious coffee

Dog-friendly office in Toronto's downtown core

Casual dress

Did we mentions awesome workmates?

How to Apply

Now that you want …

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By Vanessa Maestas of New Relic 5 months ago.

…doing. While it was not an ideal situation, we still learned a lot that we wouldn't have been able to if we only worked with people who were a perfect match.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series, where we'll discuss some of our big takeaways from our research and what actions we've started to take based on our learning.

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By Julian Dunn of Chef Blog 5 months ago.

Wrapping Up: Sensible Design of Roles and Role Cookbooks

To wrap up, let's reiterate some key points and design goals.

Roles are useful because they factor into attribute precedence and merge order. Without them, you simply have more forcing.

Roles allow you to find servers by function within your cookbook code. For example, load balancers can find their backends, app servers can find their database servers, and so on.

Role cookbooks allow you to version your role's run list. …

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By Assaf Arkin of Labnotes 5 months ago.

Design Objective

Don't cut corners when coding UI shows by example(s) how paying attention to little details can make your UI more pleasant to use. If you read nothing else this week, make it this post.

To Design A Bottle . This 3 minute video illustrates what design is all about, and how you pay attention to usability and popular trends. Also, baby bottles.

Why "Simple" Websites Are Scientifically Better . So this post takes some liberty with science, but the point still stands:

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Having chatrooms for your company is great. They aid communication, especially across multiple locations; they provide an archive for past conversations for those who were not around; and they can serve to refresh the memory of those who were. As your team grows, you may need to create multiple rooms with more specific topics, but discourage one-on-one chats as they do not provide the same benefits.

Our Setup

At thoughtbot, we have Everyone, Code, Design, and a couple of Meeting rooms that …

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