21 April 2014

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On Ruby News 5 months ago.

Entry Deadline: November 29, 2013

Matz and a group of panelists will select the winners of the Fukuoka Competition. The grand prize for the Fukuoka Competition is 1 million yen. Past grand prize winners include Rhomobile ( USA) and APEC Climate Center ( Korea).

See the winners from last year:


Programs entered in the competition do not have to be written entirely in Ruby but should take advantage of the unique …

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ActiveModel::Serializers to generate JSON responses for both Feed and Entry objects. # app/serializers/feed_serializer.rb class FeedSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer attributes :id, :title, :url, :feed_url, :etag, :description

has_many :entries, serializer: EntrySerializer, embed: :ids, include: true, key: :entries end

# app/serializers/entry_serializer.rb class EntrySerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer attributes :id, :url, :title, :published, :author, :content

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On igvita.com 1 year ago.

The following is a draft chapter for the upcoming "The Performance of Open Source Applications" ( POSA), a sequel to The Architecture of Open Source Applications . POSA is a collection of essays about performance optimization, designing for performance, managing performance as part of a development process, and more. The book will be published in Spring 2013 under a Creative Commons license with royalties going to Amnesty International.

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On Ruby News over 1 year ago.

Dear Ruby Enthusiasts,

The Government of Fukuoka, Japan, together with " Matz" Matsumoto, would like to invite you to enter the 2013 Fukuoka Ruby Competition. If you have developed Ruby programs within the past 12 months, this is the competition you've been waiting for. This year, in addition to the Grand Prize, we will also have special awards sponsored by Engine Yard and Salesforce.com. Details are below.

2013 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition

entity_122917 …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside over 1 year ago.
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By Blake Walters of Viget.com Blogs 2 years ago.

Have you ever had a channel in an ExpressionEngine installation that required its own set of custom fields, but only needed one entry? Perhaps a homepage or an "About Us" section that needed its own custom content but wasn't a traditional list of posts? Single Entry can help.

Once configured, Single Entry moves your single entry channels out of EE's standard publish and edit workflow and into a new section of your content dropdown. From there, you'll …

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By Unknown of Lessons Learned over 2 years ago.

Management . This event is free and open to all with no ticket required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis. London School of Economics and Political Science

Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

54 Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC2A 3LJ

Most new businesses fail. But most of those failures are preventable. The Lean Startup is a new approach to business that's being adopted around the world. It is changing the way companies are built and …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy over 2 years ago.

Entry cannot be an app that has previously won a Twilio Developer Contest

Bonus points for submission to the Twilio App Gallery and the Shopify App Store

Extra bonus points for use of Twilio Client

Okay, How Do I Get In on This Action?

Find out more about the contest on the Twilio blog .

Start working on an app!

Check out the Shopify API documentation and the Twilio docs .

Enter the contest using by using this …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside over 2 years ago.

…, a list of top Ruby projects in the prior decade, it seems. Entry #5, rubot , hasn't even had an update since April 7, 2008. I dread to imagine what newcomers think.

The Libraries Page

The libraries page is a long time favorite of mine. Earlier this year, I ranted on Twitter about the Libraries page specifically recommending you install a 4 year old version of RubyGems (version 0.9 - we're up to 1.8 now!) James Edward Gray II picked …

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- remove - unhook aspect. Entry parameters: obj, fnName, aspectFn, when

Here you have proper tests - you should run "runner.html" and do your implementation in "impl.js". I really advise you to do it by yourself. At the devmeeting and RailsTalk, the time limit was 45 minutes, but it took me 3-4 hours to do it the first time...

Feel free to comment with your thoughts about AOP, share your version of the implementation, and tell how much time it took you! …

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