21 April 2014

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European Union

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By Swirrl of Swirrl Blog 3 months ago.

Esade , IRI and the Waag Society ) to help identify the most important trends and influencers in this area, and so provide policy recommendations to the EU, who are funding the project.

We're proud to have worked on this and think it's an interesting and innovative use of Linked Data. Read out more about the project on its About page and blog .

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By Assaf Arkin of Labnotes 6 months ago.

…false, just like saying "As a citizen of Greece I want to pay my tax so that the EU stops giving us free money".

§ Select quotes from Design Jargon Bullshit :

"Visually dynamic, the emblem also represents the diversity of our converged solutions"

"Color is the first element of recognition. It is anchored in time and reflects the integration of two very strong brands"

"Letters that had thicker and thinner strokes - conveying the subjective …

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Earlier this week I gave a talk at Monitorama EU on psychological factors that should be considered when designing alerts .

Dave Zwieback pointed me to a great blog post of his on managing the human side of post mortems , which bookends nicely with my talk:

Imagine you had to write a postmortem containing statements like these:

We were unable to resolve the outage as quickly as we would have hoped because our decision making was impacted by extreme stress.

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By pat of Freelancing Gods 10 months ago.

…making the extra effort to seek out women speakers and attendees (something the JSConf EU team do a stellar job at).

We certainly keep an eye on the male-to-female speaker ratio at Trampoline, and have encouraged women in particular to put their hand up to speak - though we also encourage plenty of men too. The later events have certainly been more balanced than earlier ones.


Most conference parties suck.

I wish it wasn't the case, but so often, they'll be …

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By Zeke of Heroku 12 months ago.

Deploying our Facebook apps live to the Heroku cloud in the EU was pain-free and as easy as staging. We're delighted to see an average of 11% improvement in page load times since making the switch. Consumers don't tolerate waiting, particularly on mobile devices, so Heroku's EU contribution to a snappy user experience is a big boost for Betapond and our customers.

Safe Harbor Compliance is Coming Soon

Heroku is not yet a registered participant in the Safe Harbor

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By Darin Swanson of New Relic 1 year ago.

Next up: DjangoCon EU!

We are already heavy into planning for our next conference in Python land. We are a sponsor and we will be speaking at DjangoCon EU . The event is sold out but they have a waiting list ... and the speaker list looks amazing! We look forward to talking again with old friends in the community as well as meeting many new ones with our first foray into Python/ Django European community. See you in Warsaw in May!

The post Wrap Up of PyCon 2013 appeared …

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On igvita.com over 1 year ago.

To highlight some of these features, I gave a presentation at Velocity EU a few weeks back: " Wait, Chrome DevTools could do THAT? ". To my surprise, it became a runaway hit, aggregating over 100K unique visitors since published, and generating a lot of requests for the video of the talk... See below!

Wait, Chrome Dev Tools could do THAT?

This episode provides a whirlwind tour of how to analyze network performance, rendering and layout pipeline, as well as detecting …

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By Leigh Shevchik of New Relic over 1 year ago.

In this week's news, we go on the conference circuit to find great web performance tips from Velocity EU, WebPerfDays Europe, JavaOne and more.

* Patrick DuBois looks at the similarities between ordinary code and practice versus infrastructure as code.

* Joshua Bixby has answers to 36 questions about web performance .

* Microsoft's IE team explains why measuring time in millisecond resolutions just isn't enough.

* entity_5470 …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside almost 2 years ago.

Rack-Policy: Middleware for Complying With the EU ePrivacy Directive

If you're not based in the EU, you can ignore this idiotic piece of legislation but otherwise Rack-Policy helps your Ruby webapps comply with getting implied consent before any cookies can be stored on your visitors' machines.

Image Sorcery: A Ruby ImageMagick Library 'That Doesn't Suck'

Image Sorcery leverages all three of ImageMagick's command line tools, …

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 2 years ago.

It's HighScalability Time:

100 Billion PVs/WeeK : Plenty of Fish; 695k TPS : Node.js & VoltDB; 131ms : Response from EC2 EU

Quotable quotes:

Markus Frind : Scaling is not very fun these days.

Mike Krieger : Scaling is like replacing all components on a car while driving it at 100 mph.

@ jaykreps : We built servers that could handle 100k connections by building servers that could handle 10k connections and waiting a decade.

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