19 April 2014

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Free software

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 12 months ago.

From Oleg Gelfand , found via Stanislav Platonov .

A more apt title would be " GNU/Linux User Interfaces", but hey, brevity is the soul of wit. It goes very well with my favourite occasional outburst for annoying Free Software and Open Source zealots: "Free as in CRAP!"

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 1 year ago.

…best-known tech book publisher, founder of O'Reilly Media and all-round champion of the Free Software and Open Source movements.

The debate began with this tweet:

Rebecca Solnit's essay on how Slicon Valley is draining San Franscisco of its dissident spirit is so good lrb.co.uk/v35/n03/rebecc...

— Evgeny Morozov (@ evgenymorozov) January 31, 2013

The essay in question is a diary entry by San Francisco-based writer Rebecca Solnit, …

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On Luigi Montanez over 1 year ago.

Open Source and Free Software

Speaking of GitHub, it's worth considering the open source and free software movements. Does Richard Stallman fall under the banner of activist engineer? Linus Torvalds? The Ubuntu and Apache teams? Have they not changed the world?

I'd argue that most open source software is about craft rather than seeking societal change. Rails and Django are terrific at improving the lives of the developers who work with them every day. But they're …

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By Shannon Behrens of JJinuxLand over 1 year ago.

Debian: 19 Years of Free Software, Do-ocracy, and Democracy

This talk was given by Stefano Zacchiroli, the Debian project leader.

They now have support for running kFreeBSD. This was added about 2 years ago. It's important for running ZFS. I remember wishing back in 2001 that Debian would make it possible to swap in new kernels, especially FreeBSD.

Ubuntu is 15-30 times more popular than Debian.

Dropbox Notification Servers

Dropbox can handle 1.7 million …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside 2 years ago.

Matsumoto picking up the Award for the Advancement of Free Software. He joins a short list of open source heroes including Alan Cox, Larry Wall, and Guido van Rossum.

Released: 'The Rails View' by John Athayde and Bruce Williams

Working in Rails' view layer can be tricky with brittle, complex views all too easy to rustle up. This book digs into strategies and approaches for upping your Rails view game and breaking free from tangles of logic and …

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By Richard of Heroku 2 years ago.

…Chief Ruby Architect , has received the 2011 annual Advancement of Free Software Award. Presented by Richard Stallman and on behalf of the Free Software Foundation, the award is given each year to those who have greatly contributed to the freedom of software.

This is great news for Matz, who has dedicated over 20 years to the development of free software including the creation of the Ruby programming language. While writing Ruby he chose to focus on programmer happiness …

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On Ruby News 2 years ago.

The Award for the Advancement of Free Software is given annually to an individual who has made a great contribution to the progress and development of free software, through activities that accord with the spirit of free software.

This year, it was given to Yukihiro Matsumoto ( aka Matz), the creator of the Ruby programming language. Matz has worked on GNU, Ruby, and other free software for over 20 years...

Read the full article.

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On Swirrl Blog over 2 years ago.

I'm going to be giving a talk tomorrow at the Manchester Free Software Group meetup at the Madlab tomorrow night (Tues, 18th Oct at 7pm).

I'll be exploring the benefits and pitfalls of using free software to

build Swirrl ‘s Linked Data platform for publishing open data, PublishMyData . I'd also like to discuss with the group its opinions on licensing models for releasing

part of our platform as a free software community edition .

Michael Dorrington…

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By Gregory Brown of Practicing Ruby over 2 years ago.

Brian and I will be working together to run Ruby Mendicant University's first Free Software Clinic. This will be a chance for some of our students to work with me as we contribute something interesting that should make RubySpec even more useful than it already is. More information will come about this topic soon.

In addition to his work on Rubinius and RubySpec, Brian happens to be an incredible teacher. While most of my interactions with him have been over IRC , he is capable …

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On The Majestic Sea Creature over 3 years ago.

Free Software Bounties and Reverse Bounties

Free software maintainers could approach RMU with bounties for features or fixes to their applications and libraries. We could also post ideas of our own and ask for community funding to build useful things. We'd work out a way to share revenue between the organization running RMU and the alumni who might help out with the work.

Partnerships with other Non-profit Organizations

We could work with other non-profit organizations …

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