16 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 2 days ago.

In a recent thread on Hacker News discussing recent AWS price changes , seldo mentioned they use AWS for business, they just never use EBS on AWS. A good question was asked:

How do you even do anything without using EBS?

Amazon certainly makes using EBS the easiest path. And EBS has a better reliability record as of late, but it's still often recommended to not use EBS. This avoids a single point of failure at the cost of a lot of complexity, though as AWS…

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By John Resig of John Resig 6 days ago.

…amount of work that I've gotten done.

I consider this change in habit to be a massive success and hope to continue it for as long as I can. In the meantime I'll do all that I can to recommend this tactic to others who wish to get substantial side project work done. Let me know if this technique does, or doesn't, work for you - I'm very interested in hearing additional anecdotes!

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett 8 days ago.

Because it's written in C.

To quote yaakov34 on Hacker News :

There was a discussion here a few years ago about memory vulnerabilities in C. Some people tried to argue back then that various protections offered by modern OSs and runtimes, such as address space randomization, and the availability of tools like Valgrind for finding memory access bugs, mitigates this...

My opinion, then and now, is that C and other languages without memory checks are unsuitable for writing secure code ...

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 12 days ago.

…tradeoffs you're making might not be in your favour." < Good discussion on Hacker News .

High phive this. Your application may already achieved a degree of consciousness. An information integration theory of consciousness : consciousness corresponds to the capacity of a system to integrate information.

People really really like to talk. Line, a messaging app that's big in Japan , surpasses 400 Million Registered Users , 10 billion …

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By Patrick of Kalzumeus Software 13 days ago.

(Let me preempt the Hacker News comment from somebody who doesn't run a business: Why would you use DMS when you could just as easily run your own mail server and send the mail directly? Answer: because that introduces new and fragile dependencies whose failure would only be detected after they had failed during a business catastrophe and, incidentally, be designed to avoid spending an amount of money which is freaking pigeon poop.)

So how do we charge for Tarsnap that accomplishes …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 1 month ago.

RubyMotion: Under the hood - A look at tools for exploring the internals of running RubyMotion and other iOS apps.

The Best Tools for UI Hacking (not jsFiddle) - A variety of sites to allow you to create and share web pages quickly.

CodeKit 2 - Tool for building web sites on OS X with a bunch of nifty autorefresh features.

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By Holly of Blog | The Working Group 16 days ago.

Hacking The Future of Money

There are numerous examples of alternative currencies being implemented at a local level with the goal of kickstarting economic growth. In the Greek town of Volos, locals have developed an alternative currency called TEMs in reaction to the country's economic crisis. People can earn TEMs by doing jobs for each other, receiving credits instead of Euros which they can use to buy goods and services from others in the town. And in the UK, the city …

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…have many connections on regular days, one mention from Yahoo's homepage or from Hacker News will change that in a moment. Thread Pool will act as protection from overloading a database.

There is also another application for Thread Pool. I often see that application layer creates its own connection pool (think Java), and with ~20-30 app servers it can get to ~3000 connections, and this is already problematic... but not for Percona Server!

The post 16000 active connections …

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 3 months ago.

Phusion Passenger. It's not completely finished yet: as seen in our pull request , there are still some issues to be fleshed out. But the results are very promising indeed. Although the Ruby hype is over, there are still plenty of improvements going on.

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On Lee Munroe 3 months ago.

Like Hacker News but for designers. Users submit, vote and comment on daily design news.

3. Hacker News

If you work in tech HN is the source of all news worth reading.

4. Twitter

Follow a bunch of designers and people you respect and admire, who share good links. I favorite any links that look useful and go through them later.

5. Products/Dev Tools

Also keep an eye on Leanstack , Product Hunt and Beta List from time to time for …

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