20 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Leigh of Heroku 3 days ago.

…trustworthiness of Heroku's platform is an ongoing effort of ours. As part of this effort, the Heroku security team, in conjunction with Bugcrowd , is pleased to announce our new security bug bounty program. For each security bug you help find, which helps to ensure our platform is safe and secure, we'll reward you. Our initial rewards will be between $ 100 and $ 1500, varying based on the severity of the vulnerability.

Detailed rules and information about the scope of …

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Hiring a Mid-Senior Ruby on Rails Developer. You will be an experienced Ruby and Rails engineer with the opportunity to work in central London with a great company.

Essential skills



Exposure to Rack Middleware and implementation



Creating /Consuming REST ful API' s


Experience that would be Nice to have

Cloud -AWS, Heroku

Elastic Search, Lucene, Solr

Central London, great company!

up to 60K based on experience

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 9 days ago.

codinghorror : Converting a low-volume educational Discourse instance from Heroku at ~$ 152.50/month to Digital Ocean at $ 10/month.

@ FrancescoC : Scary post on kids who can't tell the diff. between atomicity & eventual consistency architecting bitcoin exchanges

@ jboner : "Protocols are a lot harder to get right than APIs, and most people can't get APIs right" - @ daveathomas at # reactconf

@ vitaliyk : "Redundancy …

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By Sara of Heroku 10 days ago.

Heroku and shows you the results on your Breathometer smartphone app also powered by Heroku.

The company launched in early 2013, has received accolades from CBS, Engadget, Gizmodo, LA Times and accepted an unprecedented $1M investment offer from all five of the ‘sharks' on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank.

Breathometer is a Ruby/Rails app that uses Unicorn as a webserver with 2X Dynos for added concurrency. Breathometer is running Heroku Postgres and …

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 12 days ago.

Fixed some issues with printing UTF-8 log files on Heroku.

Added a new flag --ignore-app-not-running to passenger-config restart-app . When this flag is given, passenger-config restart-app will exit successfully when the specified application is not running, instead of exiting with an error.

Installing or upgrading to 4.0.41 OS X Debian Ubuntu Heroku Ruby gem Tarball


Phusion Passenger's core is open source. Please …

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By Pauly Comtois of Chef Blog 12 days ago.

api.berkshelf.com is affected. The Berkshelf API is hosted on Heroku, and was affected. We are in the process of working with the other Berkshelf maintainers to get a new certificate generated and loaded.

Updates and releases will be posted on this blog as they become available. Chef is dedicated to resolving security issues promptly, while remaining open and honest with our customers. Please check back often and if you require assistance please contact support@getchef.com or if you have …

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By Patrick of Kalzumeus Software 17 days ago.

Tarsnap is the world's best secure online backup service. It's run by Colin Percival, Security Officer Emeritus at FreeBSD, a truly gifted cryptographer and programmer. I use it extensively in my company, recommend it to clients doing Serious Business (TM) all the time, and love seeing it successful.

It's because I am such a fan of Tarsnap and Colin that it frustrates me to death . Colin is not a great engineer who is bad at business and thus compromising …

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 1 month ago.

Phusion Passenger Standalone, it is now possible to customize the Nginx configuration file on Heroku. It is now also possible to permanently apply changes to the Nginx configuration file, surviving upgrades. Please refer to the "Advanced configuration" section of the Phusion Passenger Standalone manual for more information.

The programming language selection menu in passenger-install-apache2-module and passenger-install-nginx-module only works on terminals that support UTF-8

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By Satish Talim of RubyLearning Blog 1 month ago.

Here are some articles I have written on Go for JoshSoftware , a company that is now into Go projects too.

Learn to build and deploy simple Go Web Apps, Part Two - link

Learn to build and deploy simple Go Web Apps, Part One - link

How Do I Create A Presentation Using Go? - link

A Simple Go Web App on Heroku with MongoDB on MongoHQ - link

Does the next decade belong to Go? - link

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By Satish Talim of RubyLearning Blog 1 month ago.

Deploying Go Web Apps to Heroku

Deploying Go Web Apps to Google App Engine

Package template

Handling Forms

Using Google Geocoding and Street View Image APIs

Go and MongoDB on MongoHQ and Heroku

A quick look at Martini

The course contents are subject to change.


Satish Talim and Victor Goff III from the RubyLearning team.

JoshSoftware a company driven by enthusiasm and passion and India's leading company in building innovative …

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