19 April 2014

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Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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By Chase Douglas of New Relic 8 days ago.

TCP sends data to IP addresses and then to specific ports. For example, HTTP traffic usually goes to port 80, and HTTPS traffic usually goes to port 443. While developing the AJAX requests feature, we found some requests were sent to localhost port 0. That's a rather odd place to send a request to, because not only is the browser sending a request to the computer it is running on, it is sending it to port 0, which is a reserved TCP port. However, at the time we didn't have a …

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By Joshua Timberman of Chef Blog 10 days ago.

…down , and traffic from Erchef API servers wasn't able to reach it, causing HTTP 502 response codes.

The second outage where search queries were only returning 500s approximately 10% of the time was a bit more simple. The Erchef service on one of the nodes was running out of Erlang processes, and which caused memory spikes and requests to that system failed. Other Erchef nodes didn't appear to be affected, so the service was degraded rather than completely down.

Stabilization Steps…

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett 11 days ago.

Internet is to completely rebuild every part of it from scratch. That's just not how technological advances occur. People build on the stuff that is already there . The team behind Go probably want to do this kind of total Internet rebuild, and replace HTTP with SPDY while they're at it, but not even Google has enough Imperial stormtroopers to pull off that kind of coup.

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By miraculous1 of mir.aculo.us 15 days ago.

…HSTS). This is a special header that will tell browsers to never connect to the server via normal HTTP.

And that's it. In order so you don't need to research the proper settings, here's how this looks like in form of an nginx configuration: server { # deferred allows for faster connections if there's # no other servers on port 443 defined listen 443 ssl spdy deferred;

ssl on; ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/your-certificate.crt; ssl_certificate_key /etc/nginx/your-private-key.key;

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By Jessie Young of Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots 24 days ago.

How to create JSON endpoints for GET, POST, and PATCH requests

How to create geocoded API endpoints

How to set up your first iOS app in Xcode

How to consume and use API endpoints in an iOS app

As with all our books, your initial purchase of the book gets you all future updates we make. We even give you access to the GitHub repository containing source code for a fully functioning Rails app and a fully functioning iOS app.

This blog post announces the beta release of the book. …

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By Guest Post of New Relic 24 days ago.

…returning correct data, without having to write any code. Radar fully understands HTTP and makes it easy to define what a correct response looks like (e.g. the status code was 200 and the JSON response body contained the expected data). Radar also understands that APIs aren't static, so you can dynamically extract and pass data between requests to test entire workflows. You can learn more about testing our APIs with Radar in our docs .

New Relic Insights is a perfect …

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…Require all denied Order deny,allow Deny from all

Even if you fully password-protected your Cacti installation using HTTP authentication, it is still recommended to double-secure the directories and files listed above.

Thanks to William Lightning for reporting this issue.

The post Hardening your Cacti setup appeared first on MySQL Performance Blog .

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By Techy Help of Videos related to 'Ruby on Rails demo' 1 month ago.

Should I Learn Node.js or Ruby on Rails?

Should I learn Node.js or Ruby on Rails?

Node.js is a concurrency library written with JavaScript, a language from which many web-browser apps are written. Node.js is a natural progression if you're already familiar with JavaScript or jQuery.

Why is Ruby on Rails popular?

Ruby on Rails was used for developing a lot of HTTP served applications in Silicon Valley. It became synonymous with the web startup in California.

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 1 month ago.

When handling HTTP requests with chunked transfer encoding, the ‘ Transfer-Encoding' header is no longer passed to the application. This is because the web server already buffers and dechunks the request body.

Fixed a possible hang in Phusion Passenger for Nginx when Nginx is instructed to reload or reopen log files. Thanks to Feng Gu, pull request #97 .

The preferred Nginx version has been upgraded to 1.4.6.

Fixed a problem with running passenger-install-apache2-module …

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By Victor Goff of RubyLearning Blog 1 month ago.

…will end up using every day. You will also be introduced to Git, GitHub, HTTP concepts, RubyGems, Rack and Heroku.

Some Highlights

RubyLearning's IRC Channel

Some of the mentors and students hang out at RubyLearning's IRC (irc.freenode.net) channel (# rubylearning.org) for both technical and non-technical discussions. Everyone benefits with the active discussions on Ruby with the mentors.

Google Hangouts

There is a Hangout Event that is open for students, …

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