24 April 2014

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Internet Explorer 7

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On igvita.com over 1 year ago.

…has been spotty in older clients: IE6 won't cache any asset with Vary, IE7 will cache but makes a conditional request , and so on. One practical approach is to make this a forward looking optimization where only newer clients would trigger the new behavior.

But now I need new server software to optimize the images! Yes, you will. This is once again a question of incentives for hosting providers and CDN's. In fact, many CDN's already perform image optimization …

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On ZURB over 1 year ago.

Critical Mass , Solidify prototypes are now all pretty in IE 7 and IE 8, again.

Making a Good Thing Better

But what about feature ideas and requests? Those are important to, right? Uh, yeah! Notable was the first ZURBapp to grace the internet. It's clean, refined and doggone it, people like it. However, that doesn't mean there's no room for improvement.

When designer Brendan Miller found us on live chat to offer some suggestions, we listened. …

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On ZURB over 1 year ago.

…implementation options, we settled on a simple implementation that uses CSS psuedo selectors and an IE7 specific stylesheet for browser support.

What's the benefit again?

By having glyphs that exist as a font, you get the advantage of scalability. Now you can have icons ready to go in any size, color and style. You can even use some awesome CSS text styles, such as shadows and gradients, to make them feel less like a glyph. Forget about copy and pasting from Illustrator to Photoshop

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On 80beans over 1 year ago.

…Mac Mini running Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer 7, 8 & 9 (using VirtualBox ). Feel free to hook up your laptop to the screen too.

While testing, help yourself to a beverage from our fridge or some great coffee. We're conveniently situated in the center of Amsterdam. To check availability, simply contact us by mail .

Our current collection

Google Nexus 7 tablet ( Android 4.1, to be delivered August 27 )

HTC Desire ( Android…

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By Bryan Larsen of Hobo Blog over 1 year ago.

I've pushed Hobo 1.4.0.pre8 to rubygems.org. There's very little difference between 1.4.0.pre7 and 1.4.0.pre8.

spinner fixes

install_plugin generator fixed

minor documentation updates

IE7 fixes

some tags have more param points for customization

Contributors to this release: Paul Sherwood, Ignacio Huerta and myself.

This will be the last release supporting Rails 3.1. The master branch on github will be moving to Rails 3.2 presently. Anybody currently using …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy over 1 year ago.

…was supposed to be their last browser (this explains the 5-year gap between IE6 and IE7). The future was supposed to be client-server or peer-to-peer applications, with users running a desktop application that would be pushed to them over the internet. They did hedge their bets and create ASP.NET, but they worked hard to make the development model as desktop-like as they could, right down to making it stateful. They were early to market with tablets, pocket computers and smartphones, but …

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By Adam of Transcending Frontiers almost 2 years ago.

…62% of visitors to the site are using some variety of Internet Explorer. IE7 still has a reasonable high percentage and IE6 also cracks the top 10.

The Frontier Group - Blog


These stats are from our blog (tech focused). Internet Explorer is nowhere in sight and Chrome which is used by the majority here at The Frontier Group reigns supreme amongst the tech community.

So as much as those of us in the web industry cringe every …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup almost 2 years ago.

…plugin to embed a git repository on your web page.

jQuery Core: Version 1.9 and Beyond - Ambitious plans to drop support for IE7 and IE8. This will mostly interest developers with no corporate app usage at all.

Google Compute Engine - Run your app on VMs hosted by Google. The question is whether anyone will risk this given the App Engine pricing debacle.

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By Assaf of Labnotes almost 2 years ago.

Filler up Fixie adds filler content to HTML elements and images .

Faster? Is SPDY going to speed up your Web site ? Not necessarily.

Taking sides To client-side or not to client-side. Conditional-tier rendering; The battle of Server + innerHTML vs. JS MVC + JSON .

Related, how Twitter is re-architecting to optimize for " Time to first Tweet ".

Taxing IE Wish we could do that. Online retailer Kogan imposes a tax on IE7 shoppers .

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By Kristin of Signal vs. Noise 2 years ago.

When we were building the new Basecamp, we wanted the foundation to be built on clean, modern underpinnings to take advantage of all the new wonderful features of HTML5 . That meant we have to drop support for older browsers, like IE8 , that have little or poor support for the HTML5 technology we are using to make Basecamp awesome for everyone.

But, have no fear! We realize that a lot of people are stuck with IE8 (sometimes even IE7 or, yikes, 6), so we made sure that Chrome …

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