25 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Shannon Behrens of JJinuxLand 1 day ago.

json is now a built in type.

There's also jsonb.

Avoid indexes on big things, like 10k character strings.

NULL it a total pain in the neck.

Only use it to mean "missing value".

Never use it to represent a meaningful value.

Let's call anything 1MB or more a "very large object". Store them in files. Store the metadata in the database. The database API is just not a good fit for this.

Many-to-many tables can get extremely large. Consider replacing them …

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By David of Signal vs. Noise 11 days ago.

…people following the "just do a server-side API ", since the json may well generate in 50ms, but then the client-side computation takes a full second on the below-average device — doh!).

Level two, once reasonable efforts have been made to trim the fat around the X-Runtime itself, is getting some big numbers up on the board: Mean and the 90th percentile. Those really are great places to start. If your mean is an embarrassing 500ms+, well, then you have some serious, fundamental …

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By Joshua Timberman of Chef Blog 15 days ago.

…Chef Server API, the reference implementation uses Apache Solr for indexing the JSON data, such as information about nodes that are managed. In our Hosted Enterprise Chef environment, we run Solr 1.4, and it is made highly available for redundancy . Due to the age of Solr in our environment, we are currently working to update Solr to version 4 to take advantage of various new features and bug fixes. The Erchef API sends all search queries to Solr 4 and Solr 1 simultaneously so …

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By Serdar Sutay of Chef Blog 16 days ago.

jaymzh : bump up upper limit on json gem to 1.8.1 ( CHEF-4632)

Ohai 7.0.0

jaymzh : Work around libc bug in hostname --fqdn

mvidner : (Long time ago) Added differentiation for suse & opensuse in the :platform attribute.

tas50 : Added additional cpu information to darwin platform.

mpasternacki : Removed fe80:: link-local address from reported ip6addresses.

paulczar : Added private network information for Rackspace nodes.

ctennis : Added init_package plugin which reports …

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By Lucas Mazza of Plataformatec Blog 17 days ago.

…config.action_dispatch.cookies_serializer configuration option, and new apps will ship with a smarter default: a JSON serializer that won't recreate complex objects besides Strings, Integers and other JSON data types. And for a smooth upgrade, you can use the :hybrid serializer that will convert your existing marshalled cookies into JSON cookies, so this upgrade can be transparent for your application users.

This upgrade highlights a possible bad practice in our applications where …

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By Jessie Young of Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots 29 days ago.

After reading iOS on Rails , you will be able to create a JSON API with Rails and an iOS app that interacts with that API.

The book covers:

Which tools we chose for rendering JSON endpoints and why

How to test-drive development of your Rails JSON API

How to create JSON endpoints for GET, POST, and PATCH requests

How to create geocoded API endpoints

How to set up your first iOS app in Xcode

How to consume and use API endpoints in an iOS app

As with all our …

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By Guest Post of New Relic 30 days ago.

…and makes it easy to define what a correct response looks like (e.g. the status code was 200 and the JSON response body contained the expected data). Radar also understands that APIs aren't static, so you can dynamically extract and pass data between requests to test entire workflows. You can learn more about testing our APIs with Radar in our docs .

New Relic Insights is a perfect complement to Runscope Radar. With a few simple queries, you can create dashboards …

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"Shape" is the point (in spatial format) and other_tags will contain some additional format (in JSON format), this is how ogr2ogr converts it by default. See the GDAL documentation on the OSM driver for more information.

OSM data may contain the zip code, but this is not guaranteed. Here is the example how we can find all coffee shops in ZIP code 27701: mysql> select shape into @ shape from zcta.tl_2013_us_zcta510 where zcta5ce10='27701'; Query OK, …

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…let's say Cocoapods switches from Ruby based spec files to another format ( JSON?). Now I've got to spend client time just fixing my build system, which isn't adding much value to their product.

Are these scenarios this likely to happen? I hover somewhere between ‘maybe' and ‘probably not'.

Contracting vs Personal Projects

Having described how I analyze third-party dependencies and my thoughts on Cocoapods in general, I will say that I am now using it …

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By Guest Post of New Relic 1 month ago.

…Microsoft.net, we chose to use the Json.Newtonsoft libraries for parsing the Json results. using Newtonsoft.Json; using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq; using Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization;

// Helper method to retrieve list of alerts from New Relic API. public JObject GetAlerts() { var client = new RestClient("https://api.newrelic.com/v2/alert_policies.json"); var request = new RestRequest(Method.GET); request.AddHeader("X-Api-Key", …

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