23 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Assaf of Labnotes 2 years ago.

Redis What's coming up in Redis 2.6 : virtual memory is out, persistence improvements and LUA is in, plus better code base (not a feature, but an enabler).

Man it up Write more man pages :

It happens that Unix, in its age-old sage ways, has been storing its docs out-of-line with the relevant code for years. They're called manpages, and they mostly don't suck. Every C API on a modern Unix has a corresponding manpage that describes the relevant functions …

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By Joseph Smith of Chef Blog 2 months ago.

Lua / Redis-based API Routing

We've heavily reworked the routing mechanisms used by the API proxy to allow for more dynamic and fine-tuned control over routing upstreams and feature flags. This work brings the API proxy in Enterprise Chef up to feature parity with Hosted Enterprise Chef.

Front-end Certificate Service

In order to keep up with the scaling needs of some of the largest Enterprise Chef installs, the certificate service for public / private key generation …

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…assure stability, given that its intended use encourages developers to write their own plugins in Lua. They can't be responsible for bugs in developers' Lua plugins. :-)

Q: Would it work with the ORM layer of Doctrine, considering it would only work for one unit of work?

A: Yes, if you layer an ORM on top of the DAL, this makes it inconvenient to choose the degree of slave lag tolerance as I have shown. This is probably a good reason to redesign my prototype to use hints …

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 2 months ago.

…messaging speed of 26 nanoseconds, or approx. 40 million requests per second. And that's written in Lua!

To put that in perspective, that kind of performance is about 1/3 of what you'd need to be able to do to handle Facebook's messaging load (on average, obviously, Facebook bursts higher than the average at times...).

Point being, the OS is just plain out-of-date for how to solve heavy data plane problems efficiently. The disparity between what the OS can do and what the …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup over 1 year ago.

Time for a bit of work, and then off to the Boy Scout camp for the weekend. NRA Handgun Instructor training this time.

Lua-Quick-TryOut - Windows/ Linux IDE for dabbling with Lua.

TextMate 2 at GitHub - With a GPL3 license. Hard to view this as anything other than a death rattle.

jQuery 1.8 Released - And just like that I'm behind again. Looks like lots of solid improvement.

Rails 3.2.8 has been released! - With a trio of important security fixes. Time to turn the upgrade crank again.

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By Matt Aimonetti of Merbist almost 2 years ago.

…allowing you replace double by float (though still imperfect), the possibility to replace the memory allocator and it was even reported to me that mruby can run on the Lego Mindstorms platform which only has 250K of memory!

mruby is still in alpha stage but it's getting more interesting every day and at this rate it will soon become a real alternative to Lua.

Learn how to get started with mruby now.

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By Mike Perham of 4 months ago.

upgrade to Redis 2.8 for Lua and SCAN support

upgrade to nginx 1.5 for SSL performance improvements

switch from unicorn to Puma for memory efficiency


Overall I'm quite happy with the year. I was never woken up by a phone call and I sleep soundly at night. I like to think that validates the choices we've made with our infrastructure; let's hope 2014 proves as reliable.

This is why I avoid distributed data stores as their administration and failure modes tend …

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On Heroku over 2 years ago.

…popularity have existed for much longer, such as Objective-C, Javascript, and Lua. So what changed in the last few years to awaken the polyglot passions of modern developers?

A parable will illustrate:

Programming enthusiast Joe is browsing Hacker News on a Saturday afternoon, and sees a story about Clojure, a Lisp-like programming language which he keeps hearing about. The comments on the story are filled with positive experiences reported by his peers, so he decides to spend …

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By Thea Lamkin of New Relic 6 months ago.

Jack Lawson runs the San Francisco Lua meetup group, and enjoys open-source development, building games, writing Mustache templates, and coffee connoisseurism (these interests often coincide.) Jack lives in San Francisco with his wife and two daughters.

Q. What first got you excited about technology?

I've always been excited about and around computers — there's an old picture of a very young Jack with a bowl cut and tacky sweater playing DOS games at my uncle's …

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By Mike Perham of 9 months ago.

…when using paging. With a queue size of 10,000 jobs, my benchmark deleting 200 random jobs with the Lua version is 15x faster ( 1.5sec vs 20sec).

Atomic execution Lua operations execute atomically in Redis so you can add complex logic to mutate data within Redis without the need for locks.

There's a caveat of course: Redis is single-threaded so executing a user-defined Lua script can add significant latency to other Redis operations if you aren't careful with performance. …

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