18 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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…connected to it, and the Glassboard web app which is a rudimentary ASP.net MVC application with a Backbone.js exterior. It's a beast.

Attachment Processor Role : When you upload a photo or video to Glassboard, it's thrown into this role to do some post-processing like rotating it to the proper orientation and compressing to save us some server side bandwidth. Right now it's using ffmpeg, Handbrake and a bunch of scripts to accomplish this. It's more brittle …

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By Thillai Arasu of Genlinux 19 days ago.

Its been long and ever since, i logged an entry @ genlinux. All these days i was looking mostly on MVC client...

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By Loren Segal of gnuu.org 1 month ago.

The Plugin Architecture Is Not MVC, It's Just "V"

Atom has a strong concept of a View, which is good and expected. Less expected, though, is the lack of any other kind of architectural components. Basically, the only thing you ever operate on/with are views— until you are not. There is a "View" superclass, but there is no " Controller" superclass. That's why you have to use a View to subscribe to events, which Views shouldn't even be doing. …

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…tempting when you start RubyMotion to assume that since you're vaguely familiar with MVC that you'll be able to slap together a fairly decent iOS app. However, MVC in Cocoa Touch and MVC in Rails are completely different.

My advice: Don't even think of controllers in Rails when you're trying to build a controller in Cocoa Touch.

Before you start, have a couple of reads through the excellent Apple documentation on view controllers .

Another practice …

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By Satish Talim of RubyLearning Blog 4 months ago.

…tiny web-applications and small services in Ruby. It is not a Model-View-Controller ( MVC) based framework.

Please read - Sinatra, a Ruby web framework, and Why it Matters .

Thanks to Heroku for providing the facility to create free hosting accounts for all the participants, to host their apps created during the course. Heroku - it's fast, it's easy, and it just works!

What Will I Learn?

In this introductory course, you will learn the essential features …

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By Satish Talim of RubyLearning Blog 4 months ago.

Saral and MVC

Our first Router and Action Controller

Exercise 4 - courses_controller.rb

Exercise 5 - NameError

Exercise 6 - Catch Exceptions

Exercise 7 - Using Google's Geocoding API

Some optimization for Saral

Optional: Request and Response with Saral

Optional: Rack Middleware with Saral

Rendering Views

Exercise 8 - Street View modified

Exercise 9 - Saral Web Service: Sorter

How to upload your Framework Gem to RubyGems.org

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 4 months ago.

Legit: Git for Humans - CLI tool to simplify using git.

Lucie - MVC framework for writing command-line applications in ruby.

availability.is - Site to publicize your availability for freelance web work.

Vagrant 1.4 - An end of the year update including Docker support.

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By Holly of Blog | The Working Group 5 months ago.

# nerdlearn: Front-End MVC Frameworks from The Working Group on Vimeo .


Thursday, November 28th, 6:00pm at 425 Adelaide St. West, #300 (demos begins at 6:30pm)

Beer & pizza provided by The Working Group

Tough questions provided by you

Follow updates on twitter at # nerdlearn

Book your tickets

Free this Thursday? Join us for An Evening With Autoshare and put your startup questions to Founder/ President Kevin…

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By Holly of Blog | The Working Group 8 months ago.

L2R: # nerdlearn moderator Dessy Daskalov, Robin Trout, Monica Olinescu, Robert Jackiewicz

Angular. Backbone. Ember. There's a dizzying array of options for developers to choose from when selecting a front-end MVC framework. If your head is spinning, check out these top resources as recommended by our panel of # nerdlearn experts and feel free to add your own at the bottom!

Angular angularjs.org

By Monica Olinescu: Lead Developer, Push Science


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By Xiao of Viget.com Blogs 8 months ago.

…all the headaches, I'm glad I took the time to refactor my code midway through to respect this MVC design pattern. The experience taught me the great value in separating data from the user interface, and also probably saved me from drowning in my would-be soupy code further down the line.

The Longest Three Seconds Ever

I also faced huge challenges on the more front-end side of the front-end development, one of them being recreating a beautiful 3 second animation that Corwin had simulated …

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