20 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector


Mac OS X

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By Serdar Sutay of Chef Blog 5 days ago.

Mac OS X 10.9

Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 13.10


Yes we're missing Windows. And yes it's the next thing in our to-do list. Support for Windows 7 and windows 8.1 is on its way.

The Future?

The ambitious goal to " Streamline Chef Workflow for all" is really making us bite our nails. Thankfully we have a strong community that will help us get to this goal.

Our next big step towards this goal will be to prototype the streamlined Chef Workflow, …

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By Serdar Sutay of Chef Blog 12 days ago.

jaymzh : Added support for enable and disable to MacOSX service provider.

bossmc : Made formatters more resilient to nil exception messages.

valodzka : Fixed the convergence message in deploy provider.

linkfanel : Made attribute arrays able to handle non-dupable elements while being duped.

linkfanel : Removed ruby-shadow installation on cygwin platform.

lbragstad : Add IBM PowerKVM to platform map.

slantview : Allow boolean and numerics in cookbook metadata.

jeffmendoza : Made …

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…giant, evil corporation who was charged with being a monopoly. I switched to the Mac when OS X was announced in 2000 and hadn't really touched since.

Fast forward 14 years later and Microsoft seems to be a whole new company. New products. New CEO. New development offerings. And less of a focus on Windows, Windows, Windows.

Sure, Windows is a key part of the Microsoft ecosystem (and rightly so), but it also no longer seems to be the central focus that directs everything …

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Whether its iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or OS X, the app is the nut of any platform. It's what your consumers will predominantly use to interface with your service and will shape their opinion on it.

This is likely going to be where most of your time is spent, assuming you want to build something that stands out in such a crowded market. There are plenty of hybrid app solutions that can get you on all platforms quickly, but quick doesn't necessarily mean quality.


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By Patrick Reagan of Viget.com Blogs 26 days ago.

…compiler installed on your machine and have the ncurses headers available. I'm writing this on OSX Mavericks (which requires installing XCode), but other flavors of Unix should have the headers available for installation if they don't ship with the OS (e.g. apt-get install libncurses5-dev on Ubuntu).

Once you have the necessary dependencies installed, let's start with the basic building block of any ncurses-based program: the window.


Since we have a simple …

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 1 month ago.

Fixed closing of file descriptors on OS X 10.9.

Fixed compilation of native_support on Rubinius.

Installing or upgrading to 4.0.39 OS X Debian Ubuntu Heroku Ruby gem Tarball


Phusion Passenger's core is open source. Please fork or watch us on Github.

If you would like to stay up to date with Phusion news, please fill in your name and email address below and sign up for our newsletter. We won't spam you, …

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Once we have our team dotfiles cloned, we should install rcm. On OS X, we can use the Brewfile : brew bundle dotfiles/Brewfile

See the docs to install on other platforms.

Next, we use rcm's rcup command to symlink files from thoughtbot/dotfiles to ~/.aliases , ~/.gitconfig , ~/.psqlrc , ~/.tmux.conf , ~/.vimrc , ~/.zshrc , and others: rcup -d dotfiles -x README.md -x LICENSE -x Brewfile

The -x options, which exclude the README.md , LICENSE , and …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 1 month ago.

RubyMotion: Under the hood - A look at tools for exploring the internals of running RubyMotion and other iOS apps.

The Best Tools for UI Hacking (not jsFiddle) - A variety of sites to allow you to create and share web pages quickly.

CodeKit 2 - Tool for building web sites on OS X with a bunch of nifty autorefresh features.

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…gitsh@ commit -m "We are pair programming!"


If you're on Mac OS X, you can install gitsh via Homebrew: brew tap thoughtbot/formulae brew install gitsh

If you're on Linux, there are install instructions in the gitsh README .

Don't forget to check out the man page: man gitsh

And if you do find a bug, please report it on the gitsh GitHub repo .

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By Tammer Saleh of Tammer Saleh 3 months ago.

…actually incredibly easy due to Vim's keymapping functionality and the fact that OS X's Dictionary.app registers itself as a consumer of dict:// URIs. Simply add the following to your ~/.vimrc file: " Use \d on top of a word to look it up in Dictionary.app nmap <silent> <Leader>d :!open dict://<cword><CR><CR>

Now, whenever you're curious about finding inventive 1 ways of stating something - just type \d when your cursor …

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