23 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector


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By Sylvia Vu of New Relic 4 months ago.

…strategic addition to our cloud management solution portfolio," says Duncan Journee, Managing Director of ICE Systems. "Our government and enterprise customers are increasingly asking us to provide visibility into their application stack, and make sense of their rapidly growing data. New Relic's Application Performance Management solution, and their recent announcement introducing the world's first Software Analytics solution planned for release in 2014, will enable …

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By Lucas Welch of Chef Blog 5 months ago.

…capabilities. We are excited to be part of this investment," said Arvind Purushotham, Managing Director at Citi Ventures.

New Research Underscores Need For Speed In the Enterprise

A new study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Chef (see separate release) found that speed is the top priority of enterprise IT leaders, but that today's IT is unable to keep pace with customer demand. The report - "IT Speed: The Crisis and The Savior of the …

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Lead in the Workplace -- Question and Answer Session

Closing remarks by John Howard, MD, MPH, JD.

From: UCBerkeleyEvents

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By Emily Wilder of Signal vs. Noise 6 months ago.

Title: Founder and Managing Director

Company: BeBanjo

Based in: Madrid, Spain

Established: 2008

Jorge Gómez Sancha

What does BeBanjo do?

We build software for the video-on-demand industry. Basically, a video-on-demand service is something like Netflix. All of the operations that need to take place — from the moment that Netflix acquires content from the Hollywood studios, for instance, until that content is available for a user to watch — all those operations …

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By Leigh Shevchik of New Relic over 1 year ago.

…mostly in publishing new content for our consumers," says Joe Adamo , Managing Director of Technology at Tribune Technology. "From a digital perspective, we're constantly changing the way our content is consumed and shared, especially in terms of mobile websites and device applications. The bottom line is that we're running an extraordinarily complex system and it gets more complex by the day."

Complex Systems Require Complex Tools

The organization's …

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On ZURB over 2 years ago.

Bill Reichert, the Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures and Guy Kawasaki's partner in crime, gave a talk at SmartCamp 2010 , where he shared his list of the top 10 lies entrepreneurs give to VCs when pitching their products . It's a great list that points out many of the lies entrepreneurs actually tell themselves when starting their companies. Below are quotes from ten articles which give practical examples of how each of these lies gets in the way of building a business.

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