21 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Jake Scruggs of Jake Scruggs almost 4 years ago.

Where are you leaking memory? Memprof knows. It rewrites your Ruby binary in memory to do deep awesome. # railsconf

memprof.com "a web-based heap visualizer and leak analyzer" Sounds good but site is showing a passenger error page now. # railsconf

@ aslak hellesoy Download the PDF @ http://timetobleed.com/ Looks better on your laptop

Joe's slides had poor contrast - luckily they were available online. Check 'um out, there's some good info there.

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By Gregg Pollack of Riding Rails - home almost 4 years ago.

…new web service by Joe Damato and Ruby Hero Aman Gupta. Memprof allows you to collect memory usage information from a Ruby process and immediately upload and view it using an intuitive web interface.

Rails applications are often full of forms, and sometimes you even need to give your clients the ability to create different types of forms or surveys. This is where the Census gem comes in, providing an admin interface for creating forms, and even the ability to search through …

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By hongli of Phusion Corporate Blog 4 years ago.

Aman's Memprof depends on the presence of debugging symbols. Memprof should work out-of-the-box with this release of REE.

Please note that although the binaries are larger, this does not affect performance in any way. The debugging symbols are only used for debugging and introspection purposes and do not affect the runtime behavior of Ruby at all. Developer documentation is now installed by default RDoc and RI documentation are now installed by default. You can avoid …

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