17 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Aerts of Saaien Tist over 2 years ago.

Function of Biological Macromolecules, Bioinformatics and Modeling ( SFMBBM). It ended up being a day with great talks, by some bright PhD students and postdocs. There were 2 keynotes (one by Prof Bert Poolman from Groningen ( NL) and one by myself), and a panel discussion on what the future holds for people nearing the end of their PhDs.

My talk was titled " Humanizing Bioinformatics" and received quite well (at least some people still laughed at my jokes (if you …

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By Trevor of Trevor Turk 3 years ago.

Data Modeling in Performant Systems // RailsTips by John Nunemaker

Don't should on yourself // opensoul.org

Should is a dangerous word. It conveys a sense of obligation. Failure to follow through with things you should do leads to guilt. Guilt is demotivating.

Newlee - HTTP Basic Authentication and Devise

Say you're using Heroku to host a staging version of your app that uses Devise for authentication. You want to keep unwanted visitors …

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2.8 Modeling flexibility Should be able to model various types of data in a simple way:

Key-Value pairs

Hierarchical data


2.9 Query Flexibility

Multi-Gets (retrieve a bunch of values, for the set of keys provided, in one call)

Range queries (retrieve data based on the specified range of the key)

3. Database Managers A Database Manager is a software library that is loaded in-process to provide a high performance database. Its focus is typically restricted …

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