17 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Asami Novak of New Relic 1 month ago.

helpful tip s for e-commerce app developers.

Check back next week for our Mobile news roundup, and as always, feel free to share any other interesting news in the comments below.

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By Guest Post of New Relic 4 months ago.
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By Liam of Blog | The Working Group 7 months ago.

…with tiles and there are no brushed chrome sliders in sight. This is all terribly fashionable - these Modern interfaces by Microsoft and Apple say it all. But what's next?

Windows 8: Tiles by the mile

I endured my first stiff interactions with digital Modernity about two years ago. Designing Windows Phone and Surface apps for Microsoft, I watched dynamic UI concepts and designs become regulated into a systematic look & feel by the artist formerly known as "Metro" …

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By Taylor of Software by Rob 7 months ago.

…that the growth curve wasn't beautiful enough to be displayed in the Museum of Modern Art? Ugly growth, as long as you are growing, can be celebrated as a bootstrapper.

Channels can be smaller

Since escape velocity for a bootstrapper might mean having a few thousand customers, not a million customers, then you can focus on growth channels that have a much lower ceiling. For instance, if you discover that buying tweets from BuySellAds.com has a positive ROI, then you can keep buying …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy over 1 year ago.

…any additions or revisions to the Foundation framework, you can use them in any iOS project.

Better still, if you've got old projects that you'd like to update to use these new syntaxes but dread having to do so manually, XCode 4.5 has a feature you'll like. Under the Edit menu, you can select Refactor , and inside that submenu is the Convert to Modern Objective-C... command.

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On Pragmatic Bookshelf almost 2 years ago.

Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement now in print and shipping.

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On jlaine.net over 2 years ago.

…that, Chemex is on an ongoing display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. We have an 8-cup version of the brewer and use it pretty much every morning.


While it lacks the elegant looks of a Chemex, Aeropress is a truly miraculous device. This inexpensive (and somewhat cheap-looking) device can extract some of the best brews from your beans and it does it in a time that really can't be beaten. Like said above, an Aeropress makes a great travel …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy over 2 years ago.
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On RubyFlow - Search for jruby over 2 years ago.

Eric Redmond - Modern Databases

David Czarnecki - Final Boss: Ruby/Rails in the Video Game Industry

James Edward Gray II - Life on the Edge

Noel Rappin - Test Your Legacy Rails Code

Dr Nic Williams - High Performance Ruby: Threading versus Evented

Ben Scofield - Break It Down

Matt Hicks - Running Red Hat OpenShift with a little help from Ruby

Rogelio J. Samour - No Sudo for You!

Joe O'Brien - People Patterns

Jacques Crocker

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TinyTDS - Modern, Simple, Tested, Fast! TinyTDS allows us to talk directly to SQL Server databases using FreeTDS's DB-Library API. It has a simple Ruby interface to execute queries and iterate over the results. Full details can be found on our documentation page , but I would like to highlight a few features.

Converting all SQL Server data types to native Ruby primitives is supported. Hooks for ActiveRecord's :local or :utc timezone conversion are also …

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