24 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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…using Node than C# thanks to it being a bit less verbose of a language and a variety of NPM packages I can take advantage of for handling APNS, SendGrid, and GCM. The less code I have to manage and maintain, the easier my job is as the sole developer of Glassboard.

I don't believe I will have any performance degradation in switching from C# to Node for this portion of the code either, though it's hard to tell before actually writing the code. If anything, I'm optimistic …

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By Dan Tello of Viget.com Blogs 16 days ago.

Browserify is awesome because Node and NPM are awesome.

Node uses the CommonJS pattern for requiring modules. What really makes it powerful though is the ability to quickly install, update, and manage dependencies with Node Package Manager (npm). Once you've tasted this combination, you'll want that power for always. Browserify is what lets us have it in the browser.

Say you need jQuery. Traditionally, you might open you your browser, find the latest version …

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 5 months ago.

NPM must be one of the most invaluable tools for Node.js users. It's used by tons of users all around the world every second. But there have been various issues with the NPM registry lately. One thing is clear: running the NPM registry is not easy and requires a lot of administration time, effort and money. It is for this reason that Nodejitsu, the party who runs the NPM registry, has launched a funding campaign to improve the NPM registry infrastructure .

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By John Resig of John Resig 5 months ago.

Node code and can be copy-and-pasted and run on your own computer (assuming you have the appropriate NPM modules installed).

I should note that this isn't the end-all-and-be-al of Node stream education: There is still a lot to learn with regard to error handling, back pressure, and all the intricate stream concepts that exist. I hope to write some more on these concepts some day.

With that being said here are some good examples of some of the actions that you can do:

Copying a File …

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By Assaf of Labnotes 1 year ago.

§ If there was any doubt NPM rocks, here come Peer Dependencies .

§ Because eventually we all have to deal with this .. . JavaScript Time Zone Conversion with Walltime .

§ Interesting. PeerJS: A Peer to Peer Networking Library in JavaScript using WebRTC .

§ Trends in interactive design 2013 .

§ PBS's Silicon Valley . From Fairchild to Intel and the moon.

§ "I made a few adjustments ..." from the …

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By Assaf of Labnotes over 1 year ago.

§ npm-research is a nice little utility to help you research NPM packages.

§ We all knew this was going to happen, just not which century. OAuth 2.0 is finally an RFC . Well, two because of some drama: 6749 and 6750 .

§ Martin Smith :

There are few things more guaranteed in a designer's life than that after naming a file ‘final' you'll then have to create ‘final-002′...

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By Jim Lindley of Engine Yard Developer Blog over 1 year ago.

…code. Our command line deployment tool is currently installed as a Ruby gem rather than an NPM package.

We encourage you to give it a shot and let us know how we're doing . Sign up for our trial or add a new Node.js environment and start deploying today.

Detailed Node.js documentation is available here. For an overview of Node.js, see our Getting Started with Node.js post from last month. We look forward to growing with you.

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By Adron Hall of New Relic 2 years ago.

Deploying a Node.js Application with NPM Dependencies

* Getting Started with Cloud Foundry Using a Node.js and Mongo DB Application

Sinatra / Rails

Sinatra is a lean and mean framework for serving up Ruby web applications. It instantly provides a great way to build web services or other clean web applications with Ruby. Sinatra happens to be one of my personal favorites and having a super clean app deployed via Cloud Foundry is just wicked awesome! …

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listings of useful NPM projects, super useful.

How to Node.org Great up-to-date blog, thanks for the suggestion @ DShankar !

Advanced Topics

socket.io - easy realtime long polling library

coffeescript - beautiful syntax for javascript -- you can write an entire node project in coffeescript. Worth +10,000 elegant hacker points.

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By Assaf of Labnotes over 2 years ago.

[If you don't know how awesome Travis CI is , or why you should use it for your open source project, read this first ]

Travis VMs includes Node 0.4.8 and NPM 1.0.12 . You can use these to build and test your Node.js project. Add the following line to .travis.yml :

1 2 before_script: "npm install --dev" script: "npm test"

The first command installs the project's runtime and development dependencies (listed as devDependencies …

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