21 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Dan DeLeo of Chef Blog over 1 year ago.

Convert use of Rake:: GemPackageTask to Gem:: PackageTask

[ OHAI-423 ] - Add Rake to gem's development dependencies


[ OHAI-355 ] - network address selection improvements

[ OHAI-382 ] - Fix stderr redirection in Java plugin

[ OHAI-395 ] - Ohai does not gather serial number of Mac OS X

[ OHAI-410 ] - Make ipv6 address available in rackspace and cloud plugins if available …

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By drbrain of Segment7 over 2 years ago.

Rake:: GemPackageTask (now Gem:: PackageTask) was added to rake less than two weeks after the first commit on RubyGems. Which points to the recognition of a need to have a better way to describe and build a gem than just a file.

Using rake allows you to do more than just package a static list of files in a clean and reusable manner. You can write tasks to generate files that are then packaged in your gem at build time. Hoe builds atop Rake to support many types of generated …

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By Khan of Engine Yard Developer Blog 3 years ago.

Dr Nic thought we should utilize Rake. So, we packaged our application by utilizing Rake:: PackageTask . We have a Rakefile in our repo that has: Rake::PackageTask.new("chrome-app", "VERSION") do |p| p.need_zip = true p.package_files.include("icon*.png") p.package_files.include("manifest.json") end We then created a simple release rake command that commits our changes into our git repo and then packages the two files for us to upload into the web store. …

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