20 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Sylvia Vu of New Relic 6 months ago.

…field. In this way, we can solve the hardest problems with the best minds, especially the ones from Providence.

*Note that I have the good taste not to mention tab-width disagreements.

Public Service Message: Volunteer at Level the Playing Field Hackathon in Oakland and Mountain View for 6th-12th grade girls: http://lpfi.org/hackathon

And remember, through our partnership, all Joyent customers get New Relic Standard free of charge at newrelic.com/joyent .

The post …

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By J. Austin Hughey of Engine Yard Developer Blog over 1 year ago.

Providence, RI

Rochester, NY

Santa Barbara, CA

Taipei, Taiwan

Toledo, OH

Toronto, ON

Tulsa, OK

Vancouver, BC

Waterloo, ON

Windsor, ON

(Hey, San Francisco, where's yours!? :-) )

The idea is simple: get any local developer(s) of any language or framework to come together once or twice a month to pair program (or solo program if they choose) on any project they want. Bring your laptop and a project, or just show up and pair with some one on theirs. …

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By f. of Signal vs. Noise 2 years ago.

…head back in 2007. I was speaking at the Business Innovation Factory conference in Providence, RI. So was Richard Saul Wurman. After my talk Richard came up to introduce himself and compliment my talk. That was very generous of him. He certainly didn't have to do that.

And what did I do? I pushed back at him about the talk he gave. While he was making his points on stage, I was taking an inventory of the things I didn't agree with. And when presented with an opportunity to …

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By Aerts of Saaien Tist over 2 years ago.

Finally time to write something about the biovis/visweek conference I attended about a week ago in Providence ( RI)... And I must say: they'll see me again next year. (Hopefully @ infosthetics will be able to join me then). Meanwhile, several blog posts are popping up discussing it (see here and here , for example).

This was the first time that biovis (aka the IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization) was organized. It's similar to the 2-year …

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By f. of Signal vs. Noise over 2 years ago.

New York

Khoi Vinh lives in New York

John Maeda lives in Providence

Nicholas Felton lives in New York

Jake Barton lives in New York

Lisa Strausfeld lives in New York

Fast Company is based in New York. This east-coast bias feels a little echo chamber-y and lazy. There are influential designers all over the country.

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By Sarah of the evolving ultrasaurus almost 3 years ago.

…and weekends of building software in our office where we didn't turn on the air conditioning in Providence's sweltering summers and skimped on heat during New England winters. I can't say that I loved every minute of it, but I'm proud of creating something that people still tell me changed their lives and shifted an industry. Knowing I have the potential for such things, how can I really do anything else when I have ides and see problems in the world that can be solved …

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By Eric Python IDE of Lessons Learned 4 years ago.