18 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Assaf of Labnotes 2 years ago.

From a more practical point of view Redis provides both AOF and RDB snapshots, that can be enabled simultaneously (this is the advised setup, when in doubt), offering at the same time easy of operations and data durability.

Thinking Learn Unix the Jesse Storimer way :

Read concise programs, cross-reference them with manual pages. Try writing your own stuff. Rinse. Repeat.

RCP over TCP Catch the Replay - Build reliable, traceable, distributed systems with ZeroMQ …

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By Assaf of Labnotes over 2 years ago.

New and improved page explaining Redis persistence options: when and how to use RDB and AOF . Related, the short-term plans towards Redis 2.6 . But if you're not already using Redis, check out Zero to Master in 30 minutes .

Location, location, location jQuery address picker plugin and a re-design of the country selector .

Rings true Conspiracy theory no 1 .

Decorative Our Pointless Pursuit of Semantic Value is …

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