21 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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"Home" is a dumping ground for random notes that don't really fit anywhere else (To Read, To Investigate, Groceries).

"Financials" has receipts and other tax related info I need to keep track of.

"carpeaqua" is for any in-progress posts for this site. I have a different page for each post idea and its content.

"Lawn + Garden" is another section in my Personal notebook. I've become a bit obsessed recently with fixing the lawn and beddings …

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By Daniel Bernier of Invisible Blocks 4 months ago.

But so many pages. Could I justify another pop-sci book on my To Read stack? Could I justify the time? Would it be fluff? or a difficult slog? If I'm reading for fun, I don't want it to be harder work than what I already do for, you know, work.

Wasted worry.

The Information is a layman's introduction to Claude Shannon's information theory. It covers a lot of ground, and while it can be a bit slow in parts, it's enjoyable. As a programmer, I was aware of …

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By Sara of Heroku 4 months ago.

…not be sponsoring your event."

Read Heroku's own code of conduct .

Contact Us

If you have a code of conduct in place and want information about Heroku event sponsorships, contact events@heroku.com .

If you need help with creating your event's code of conduct policy, or to contribute to the Ada Initiative, visit: https://adainitiative.org .

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By John Resig of John Resig 5 months ago.

Select Read File and input/ people.tsv .

Select Split Strings .

Select Split Strings into Array .

Select Convert Array w/ Sprintf (with the default table row HTML).

Select Join Strings (this will insert an endline between all the individual table rows).

Select Concat Strings (this will combine all the individual table rows and endlines into a single string).

Select Wrap Strings (with the default table HTML).

Select Write File and output/people.html …

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By Assaf Arkin of Labnotes 6 months ago.


"You have to be kidding me" Tow Truck Fail . I too have days like this.

20th century headlines; rewritten to get more clicks :

Avoid Polio with this one weird trick

How to Read a Paper :

This article outlines a practical and efficient three-pass method for reading research papers. I also describe how to use this method to do a literature survey.

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By Emily Wilder of Signal vs. Noise 7 months ago.

…able to achieve that, but how much they love us because of that — they really love what we have done. It's a great surprise, to every now and then be hugged by somebody at a conference — they know you, but you don't know them. It's really nice.

Visit VoiceBunny and Voice123 .

Read Torrenegra's op-ed for Wired about immigration and bootstrapping.

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…you can use to_a to get the array of data on it. This is a convenience method for # read and # readlines . This reads the remaining data in the string or IO you passed in, so any subsequent calls ends up returning an empty array. csv.to_a # => [["Year", "Make", "Model", "Description", "Price"], ["1997", "Ford", "E350", "ac, abs, moon", "3000.00"], ["1999", "Chevy", …

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Read Nagios's state out of a file + parse it

Aggregate the checks by regex, and alert if a percentage is critical

It's a godsend for people who manage large Nagios instances, but it starts falling down if you've got multiple independent Nagios instances (shards) that are checking the same thing.

You still end up with a situation where each of your shards alert if the shared entity they're monitoring fails.


This is the concrete use case behind why …

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By Patrick of Kalzumeus Software 12 months ago.

How To Read A SaaS Pricing Grid (And Why You Should Charge More)

I thought I'd read a pricing grid. This one's from Wufoo. You have seen similar things all over the Internets. I can't tell you about exact results I've gotten from customers, but I talk to a lot of people about this sort of things, so if we're just kind of anonymizing, here's how you read it. Find the largest dollar‑amount plan. That plan generates 33 percent to 50 percent of gross revenue. …

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Based on a lot of surprising comments about my MySQL 5.5 vs 5.6 performance post I decided to perform deeper investigation to see where my results could go possibly wrong. I had set up everything to be as simple as possible to get maximally repeatable results. I did Read Only ran which is typically a lot more repeatable (though also less relevant for production like workload). I had done number of iterations for benchmark run and I used dedicated physical hardware box so external …

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