19 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector


Red Hat Linux

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…Karsten Wade, CentOS Engineering Manager, Red Hat

The New CentOS Project

Karsten Wade, CentOS Engineering Manager, Red Hat

Systems Automation and Metrics at Pinterest

Jeremy Carroll, Operations Engineer, Pinterest

Software Collections on CentOS

Joe Brockmeier, Open Source & Standards, Red Hat

Two Years Living Your Future

Joe Miller, Lead Systems Engineer, Pantheon

Running MySQL on CentOS Linux

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By Sylvia Vu of New Relic 8 days ago.

…Try New Relic Today

We're giving all Red Hat Summit attendees 30-days of New Relic Pro free of charge. And if you're an OpenShift customer you get New Relic Standard, offered exclusively through our partners, free of charge, forever! Claim you free account today by visiting newrelic.com/openshift and enter REDHATSUMMIT14 in the Promo Code field.

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By Lucas Welch of Chef Blog 2 months ago.

…Michael Ducy kicked things off at the London Cloud Summit with our friends at Red Hat, where he presented "The Road to Hybrid Cloud is Paved with Automation", which you can view here . This intimate event provided the speakers an opportunity to lead conversations - not pontificate - which inspired some very cool idea-sharing.

Next up we headed to Brussels for FOSDEM, which is skyrocketing in popularity. Large crowds packed the Config Management Room, where …

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By Lucas Welch of Chef Blog 3 months ago.

…There's a ton of other great talks and as show co-organizer Joe Brockmeier of Red Hat describes it:

"The goal here is to talk about the evolution of the data center, and spotlight some of the technologies and practices that organizations should be using to make the most of their IT investments."

And we're still rolling... back to London, where we'll conclude our European tour with # learnchef 2-Day training Feb. 5-6 . If you're looking to …

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 5 months ago.

…bigger goal, how to support 10 Million Concurrent Connections , which requires even more radical techniques.

No similar challenge was issued for managing servers in a datacenter, but according to Dave Neary from Red Hat, in a recent FLOSS Weekly episode , we have passed the 10K barrier for server management with 10,000 or more servers managed per sysadmin.

Should we let this milestone pass without mention?

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By Leigh Shevchik of New Relic over 1 year ago.

…customers! We're excited to announce our latest partnership with OpenShift, Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service offering. Earlier today, they announced the general availability of OpenShift Enterprise — the industry's first comprehensive, open on-premise PaaS for the enterprise.

But they didn't stop there! OpenShift also announced the expansion of the OpenShift PaaS Partner Program , with the addition of new categories and partners. …

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On carpeaqua by Justin Williams over 1 year ago.




Nearly died

Lost my tonsils

Lost my baby teeth

Moved to Indiana

Went to elementary school

Won the spelling bee three times

Discovered the Internet

Went to junior high

Had my first kiss

Taught myself Visual Basic

Met my high school sweetheart

Grew my hair to my shoulders

Almost got expelled, multiple times

Went to high school

Met the girl I would marry

Switched to Linux

Spent far too much time switching between Debian, Slackware and Red Hat

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside almost 2 years ago.

OpenShift ( Red Hat's Answer to Heroku?)

OpenShift is Red Hat's new, free auto-scaling 'platform as a service' for webapps. It supports Java, Ruby, Node, Python, PHP and Perl and seems to be a reasonable entry into a world made popular by Ruby's own Heroku.

Startups Court Dev Bootcamp's Ruby Grads with $ 79K Average Salary

A rare human interest story for Ruby Weekly! Dev Bootcamp is a 10 week $12K bootcamp program …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside almost 2 years ago.

Red Hat has recently begun to make moves into the dynamic app hosting world with OpenShift , a Heroku-style auto-scaling 'Platform as a Service' ( PaaS) for webapps. It includes Ruby support and along with the JRuby news shows a growing interest in the language at the popular open source company.

The JRuby team has also announced the release of JRuby 1.7 preview 1 this week.

(Update: Engine Yard gives their side of the story and says they'll …

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By Bill Platt of Engine Yard Developer Blog almost 2 years ago.

…services engagements. We'll work closely with Charles and Tom as well as Red Hat to continue development of JRuby and collaborate on JRuby features to support customers running on JRuby on Engine Yard Cloud.

This is a great opportunity to add more resources for JRuby and continue the important work that has been accomplished, including the recent JRuby 1.7.0.preview 1 release. We look forward to working with Red Hat and continuing to collaborate with Charles …

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