24 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup almost 2 years ago.

…OpenSSL Errors and Rails - Certificate Verify Failed - Gem:: RemoteFetcher::FetchError - An extensive discussion of what's going on, along with workarounds.

Announcing Pull Request Support - Travis CI can now check out pull requests before they're merged.

Railscats! - For those of you who have trouble typing ' railscasts.com'.

Spree 1.1.0 Released - Open source e-commerce moves to Rails 3.2, among other changes.

Ruby's …

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By drbrain of Segment7 3 years ago.

Update Gem:: RemoteFetcher's User-Agent to handle RUBY ENGINE and RUBY REVISION when patchlevel is -1

UpdateCommand#gems_to_update now returns (name, version) pairs.

UpdateCommand#which_to_update now takes an optional system argument.

11 bug fixes:

Added missing remote fetcher require to pristine command ( aarnell)

Building gems now checks to ensure all required fields are non-nil

Fix option parser when summary is nil.

Fixed gem contents to work with the lightweight …

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By drbrain of Segment7 3 years ago.

Added missing require of Gem:: RemoteFetcher to the unpack command.

RubyGems now completely removes a previous install when reinstalling.

Fixed Gem:: Installer#generate_bin to only chmod files that exist.

Fixed handling of Windows style file:/// uris.

Fixed requires in tests. (shota)

Fixed script generation on Windows.

Fixed test issues if you have older rubygems installed.

Gem:: DependencyInstaller tests use Gem:: Security, add the missing require.

Gem:: Security…

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