19 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector


Representational State Transfer

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Hiring a Mid-Senior Ruby on Rails Developer. You will be an experienced Ruby and Rails engineer with the opportunity to work in central London with a great company.

Essential skills



Exposure to Rack Middleware and implementation



Creating /Consuming REST ful API' s


Experience that would be Nice to have

Cloud -AWS, Heroku

Elastic Search, Lucene, Solr

Central London, great company!

up to 60K based on experience

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By Serdar Sutay of Chef Blog 11 days ago.

josephholsten : Changed Chef:: REST to be able to handle frozen options.

andreasrs : Changed service provider to use Systemd on ArchLinux.

eherot : Add support for epoch versions to the dpkg package provider.

jdmurphy : Display all missing dependencies when uploading cookbooks.

nkrinner : Add a public file_edited? method to Chef:: Util:: FileEdit.

jjasghar : Output correct host name in knife ssh error message.

esigler : Added default_choice option to Knife:: UI#confirm. …

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Evernote's developer offering. The OneNote API is a familiar REST implementation and hosts example code for Android, iOS, and Windows on GitHub . I have a few nitpicks on the iOS code that OneNote's developer team provided, but compared to Evernote I was able to understand it and pick up their platform infinitely faster.

To create new content in OneNote through their API you just post Plain Jane HTML to one of their endpoints.

Is it as powerful as Evernote…

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By Adron Hall of New Relic 1 month ago.

…coda ) has done a stellar job putting together a Java library for building RESTful API services and also doing performance testing against API services . This in turn can be used against any API services that one would want to test. But for those that want a Node.js port? That's available , too, thanks to Mike Ihbe (github: @ mikejihbe ).

The pending Node.js v0.12 release

There are a number of performance improvements on …

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By Jana Boruta of New Relic 1 month ago.

Riak. During his time at Basho he also developed Webmachine, a RESTful webserver in Erlang, and RiakCS, an S3-compatible, large-scale object storage system. I've known Andy for years and he's one of the smartest engineers I've met — he's a modest guy so I figured I needed to say it for him. What makes him great is that he's adaptable and capable of solving problems no matter what language they're written in or what systems are involved. You can learn …

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On carpeaqua by Justin Williams 2 months ago.

Glassboard's Android and iOS apps, like most mobile apps, are powered by a REST API. The API app is an ASP project that uses WCF to distribute the JSON payloads. If there's one thing I hate, it is WCF. A lot. My next big backend project is converting from WCF to the new Web API 2 technology that is a lot easier to work with. It's all written in C#, which I have found to be a pretty nice language.

The API is deployed to a Cloud Service , …

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By Miles Matthias of RubyLearning Blog 3 months ago.

…pattern. Resources handle the 85% case where your application is representing standard RESTful CRUD operations on a ‘thing', such as an article. The above example route could be replaced with: resources :articles

which would then mandate that the method names in the matching controller match the rails resourceful actions.


If we had the following in your config/routes.rb file: resources :articles

and our /app/controllers/articles_controller.rb file looked like this: …

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By Shannon Behrens of JJinuxLand 4 months ago.

…a fun exercise for the reader. Write a program that implements each of the steps above by doing a REST call. For instance, to "Open blender", just do a post to some server with the string "Open blender". The server doesn't really have to do anything (we'll just pretend). Implement the entire recipe using the opportunities for concurrency provided by the diagram above. Can your system figure out what things can be done concurrently automatically and then do them concurrently …

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By Matt of Heroku 5 months ago.

Force.com, a full stack platform for building employee-facing apps, provides a RESTful interface into Salesforce's sales, support, and marketing SaaS products. The three tools that we are launching today make it easier and more productive to build and connect to apps using Force.com. They are a Force.com CLI, Force.com Client Libraries for ruby and node.js, and Heroku Connect.

Force.com CLI

Previously, building Force.com apps required logging into Salesforce.com

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By Serdar Sutay of Chef Blog 6 months ago.

[ CHEF-4603 ] - Refactor Chef:: REST so behavior is swappable

[ CHEF-4648 ] - Add Pry as a runtime dep

[ CHEF-2928 ] - Chef solo's role_path should allow for an array of paths

[ CHEF-4356 ] - Add Platform Support for "opensuse"

Fixed Issues in Ohai 6.20.0

[ OHAI-507 ] - GCE Ohai plugin update for GCE v1beta1 compatibility

[ OHAI-515 ] - Command line parameters for ohai are not listed in the online …

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