18 April 2014

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Ruby 1.9.2 RC2

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On Ruby News over 3 years ago.

Ruby 1.9.2 RC2 or any prior releases.

Development versions of Ruby 1.9 (1.9.3dev).

We recommend you to upgrade your ruby to the newest patch level releases.


Fixes for 1.8.6, 1.8.7 and 1.9.1 are to follow this announce.




For development versions, please update to the most recent revision for each development branch.

You can also fix the vulnerability by applying a patch to $(libdir)/ruby/${ruby_version}/ webrick/httpresponse.rb . The patch …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside over 3 years ago.

Hot on the heels of his Windows Ruby implementation shootout comes Antonio Cangiano's Great Ruby Shootout of July 2010 where Antonio pits 8 different Ruby implementations against each other in a performance shootout!

Antonio's findings and observations are interesting and well worth a read (particularly the parts about memory consumption) but if you're in a hurry, the conclusion is that Ruby 1.9.2 RC2 and JRuby 1.5.1 are almost joint …

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On Ruby News almost 4 years ago.

Ruby 1.9.2 RC2 has just been released. This is the second release candidate of Ruby 1.9.2.

Psych library has been fixed since the previous candidate. And some minor bugs were fixed.

See the NEWS and ChangeLog files for more details.

About Ruby 1.9.2

Ruby 1.9.2 will be mostly compatible with 1.9.1, except for the following changes:

many new methods

new socket API ( IPv6 support)

new encodings

a Random class that supports various random number generators

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