25 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 1 month ago.

Please note that Phusion's software releases and Ruby gems are not signed with our personal keys. Instead, they're signed with the Phusion Software Signing key , which is still considered strong enough.

Our git commits, though, are often signed with our personal keys.

If you're using Phusion Passenger , we strongly recommend you to cryptographically verify every release . The Phusion Passenger documentation contains comprehensive instructions …

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By Assaf of Labnotes over 2 years ago.

…to function. This is in stark contrast to ruby libraries, where nearly every one of them requires rubygems.

Girls go geek Interesting post from Fog Creek about gender in Computer Science followed by a Q&A with one of their interns (via @ aworkinglibrary ):

Honestly, when you hear the phrase "the world's best developers," you see a guy. And, for women, that can be alienating.

The pipeline Everything you wanted to know about HTTP pipelining in …

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…in building multi-tenant apps and ensuring data separation between tenants. So, if you're building a multi-tenant Rails app, make sure the Multitenant gem is in your toolbox!

Source code is 100% opensource and available on Github:


Gem is available on rubygems:


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The RubyGems version will stay up, but is deprecated. If you install the Homebrew version, you should make sure to uninstall the RubyGems version to avoid confusion/potential conflicts.


The next thing that we were able to improve was the way you configure Liftoff itself. Originally, we used command line flags to enable specific configurations (there was no way to selectively disable configurations). This worked fine for us because we never touched these flags. But it made Liftoff…

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By Victor Goff of RubyLearning Blog 1 month ago.

…You will also be introduced to Git, GitHub, HTTP concepts, RubyGems, Rack and Heroku.

Some Highlights

RubyLearning's IRC Channel

Some of the mentors and students hang out at RubyLearning's IRC (irc.freenode.net) channel (# rubylearning.org) for both technical and non-technical discussions. Everyone benefits with the active discussions on Ruby with the mentors.

Google Hangouts

There is a Hangout Event that is open for students, for drop-in hangouts …

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…rubygems service was reimplemented to use fog to control AWS S3 for storing rubygems.

Wesley started the fog project before he joined Engine Yard. After he came on-board, fog was adopted to replace the hard-wired AWS-specific portions of Engine Yard AppCloud. He's been working on fog in his spare time. The cloud space is quickly evolving and gaining momentum across a growing number of competing vendors and stakeholders. At Engine Yard, we feel it's critical to invest …

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On Chef Blog almost 4 years ago.

Opscode to announce in this release. The first is an updated rubygems package provider which uses rubygems' ruby API . This fixes the lingering issues we've had with the changes in rubygems 1.3.7, and gives us an impressive speed boost in the process: in our tests, the new provider is 300-2000 times faster when the desired gem is already installed.

Finally, this release introduces a notification API : you can now configure chef-client to run notification handlers after each …

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By Loren Segal of gnuu.org 3 months ago.

First, I created a file ~/.samus/personal/credentials/lsegal.rubygems with my RubyGems access key. The contents of the file are: Secret: MY_API_KEY

Samus looks inside ~/.samus for custom commands and credentials . The sub-directories can be local-only directories, or they can be Git-backed (and optionally private) repositories that I can share with other maintainers. Organizing this is mostly up to you, so there is a lot of power here.

Next, I ran samus build 1.0.0 , which …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 3 months ago.

Gemsurance - Tool to monitor your installed Ruby gems for security vulnerabilities.

Pinegrow Web Designer - Commercial tool that understands Boostrap and Less.

Codebox - Open source cloud and desktop IDE with offline support.

Nobody Cares About Signed Gems - Yeah, that's true.

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On RubyFlow - Search for jruby almost 4 years ago.

Redcar 0.3.5 has been released and is available on rubygems! Schweet!

sudo gem install redcar

sudo redcar install

For hoes who don't know, here is a quick description of redcar!

Redcar is an open-source programmers' text editor for Ruby, written in Ruby. It is designed to be compatible with Textmate bundles (a work in progress) and run cross-platform on JRuby .

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