18 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Allie Crevier of New Relic 2 months ago.

Run $ HPHP HOME/hphp/hhvm/hhvm -mode daemon -config /path/to/hhvm.hdf

Open a browser and navigate to: http://localhost:8888

Click around on the site to initiate some WordPress actions

Wait a couple minutes, then log into New Relic

Now you'll get a good picture of what's happening in your WordPress site. If your site is really responsive, you probably won't see a transaction trace. However, since you're just trying out the SDK, you might want to artificially …

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 6 months ago.

Multitenancy - Run multiple Meteor applications on a single server easily and without hassle.

Process management and supervision - Meteor processes are automatically started, and automatically restarted when they crash.

Statistics and insight - Phusion Passenger provides tools for inspecting the applications' status, such what requests they're currently processing, how many requests they've processed. All relevant information is shown at a glance. Having this in production …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 6 months ago.

…newly-created app to see if it works. from the menu bar, open the Run menu and choose the Run item:

You'll be shown this window:

Make sure Android Application is selected, then click the OK button. You'll be taken to the Android Device Chooser :

With my Samsung Galaxy S III plugged in, it showed up in the Choose a running Android device list as samsung-sgh_i747m-4908d022 . If you successfully installed the drivers for your device, it should appear in the list. …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 11 months ago.

migrating from iPhoto to Dropbox, from feature rich to future proof - I'm starting to think it's time to get off of OS/X. Walled gardens do not attract me.

New gem released: Futuroscope! - Run selected operations on background threads with very little change to your code.

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By Damien Katz of Damien Katz 12 months ago.

Let's Run Some Numbers

Given the MTTF of a server, how much hardware and how quickly must the cluster failover to a new master and still meet our SLAs requirements vs a Dynamo based system?

Let's start with some assumptions:

We want to achieve 4000 transactions/sec with 3 node replication factor. Our load mix is 75% reads/25% writes.

We want to have some consistency, so that we don't read newer values, then older values, so for Dynamo:

R = 2, W = 2, N = 3

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By Jonathan Karon of New Relic 1 year ago.

* Run your app in a simulator, emulator or mobile device and you'll start seeing data in just a few minutes

While you're at it check out the latest version of New Relic for iPhone , because now you can monitor your mobile apps from our mobile app. We meant it when we said we've gone completely mobile.

The post A Developer's Best Friend - Now for Mobile Apps appeared first on New Relic blog .

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- Run an ANALYZE TABLE on a table accessed by the long running query

So first we need a long running query against table t: SELECT * FROM t WHERE c > '%c%';

Then in our efforts to get a better execution plan for another query we run ANALYZE TABLE: mysql> analyze table t; +--------+---------+----------+----------+ | Table | Op | Msg_type | Msg_text | +--------+---------+----------+----------+ | test.t | analyze | status | OK | +--------+---------+----------+----------+ …

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Run CentOS 5

Have UTF-8 data in MySQL

Use Perl to access that data

Have not upgraded DBD::mysql (perl-DBD-MySQL)

then your UTF-8 data is in peril with Perl. The solution is simple: upgrade to any newer version of DBD::mysql ( except 4.014 ).

The post CentOS 5 users: your UTF-8 data is in peril with Perl appeared first on MySQL Performance Blog .

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On Scout ~ The Blog 1 year ago.

With the Sidekiq Monitor Plugin (by Scott Klein of StatusPage.io ) and the Puppet Last Run Plugin (by Didip Kerabat of Kongregrate ) Scout's plugin directory count has now passed 70 plugins!

The Sidekiq Monitor Plugin monitors key metrics for Sidekiq , a Ruby message processing library. Didip's Puppet Last Run Plugin tracks key metrics for the most recent Puppet run on a monitored server.

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By Bryan McLellan of Chef Blog 1 year ago.

CHEF-3589 - Why Run code runs code in {{converge_by}} blocks after the provider action is complete

CHEF-3604 - Chef::Provider:: Service:: Init should pass why run assertions if a custom command is provided

CHEF-3617 - Chef:: RunLock incorrectly assumes the full path to the run lock file exists before opening for writing

CHEF-3619 - Chef still has obsolete ‘rake/rdoctask' require

CHEF-3632 - All providers have whyrun enabled by …

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