21 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 5 months ago.

Rails Assets - Bridge between Bundler and Bower to make it easy to pull Bower components into Rails projects.

Why You Should Never Use MongoDB - A look based on experience with the Diaspora project.

Ruby on Rails' Inside: ActionDispatch and Rack - A look at some Rails internals.

Duplicity + S3: easy, cheap, encrypted, automated full-disk backups for your servers - Definitely worth thinking about.

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By Hongli Lai of Phusion Corporate Blog 5 months ago.

…machine and supports many storage methods, for example FTP, SSH, and even S3.

On the storage side, Amazon has consistently lowered the prices of S3 over the past few years. The current price for the US-west-2 region is only $ 0.09 per GB per month.

Bandwidth costs have also lowered tremendously. Many hosting providers these days allow more than 1 TB of traffic per month per server.

This makes Duplicity and S3 the perfect combination for backing up my servers. Using encryption …

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By Chris Fregly of High Scalability 6 months ago.

…EBS-Optimized IO throughput of your c1.xlarge cluster? How about the size limit of an S3 object on a single PUT? awsnow.info is the answer to all of your AWS-resource metadata questions. Interested in integrating awsnow.info with your application? You're in luck. There's now a REST API , as well!

Note: These are default soft limits and will vary by account.

2) Tame your S3 buckets

Delete an entire S3 bucket with a single CLI command:

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By tsykoduk of DaRoost 6 months ago.

(cross posted from the HPCloud Blog . With 75% more typos!)

One of the most basic problems with systems that need to persist data, is making sure that you can recover those systems in the case of a critical error. I've used and written backup systems for more time then I'd like to admit ( for example ). With the advent of cloud storage systems such as S3, moving your data offsite has become much easier, and much easier to recover data from your offsite storage system.

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By Assaf Arkin of Labnotes 6 months ago.

…took about an hour from start to finish. Compare to day or longer of fiddling with DIY image upload and cropping plugins, and the back-end to support those. Yikes.

Then there's pricing. The starter pack is $ 5/month for 1.5GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth. Or you can use your own S3 bucket, and get 5,000 image uploads for the same price.

In short, a fantastic image uploading service. Go check it out .

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By Craig Kerstiens of Heroku 7 months ago.

…such open-source project that performs continuous, automatic archiving of WAL files to S3 across our entire fleet of databases. Initially developed by our resident tuple groomer Daniel Farina , you can now find it on GitHub . WAL-E is quickly becoming the default option for those running PostgreSQL on top of Amazon Web Services, with companies like Instagram using it to perform point-in-time restorations and quickly bootstrap a new read-replica or failover slave …

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On Fingertips 8 months ago.

On every run WAD tries to fetch the bundle from a configured S3 bucket. When the bundle hasn't been cached yet it calls Bundler and creates a tarball of the .bundle directory. After installing the bundle WAD pushes the tarball to S3. On every next run the tarball is downloaded and unpacked.

We get automatic cache invalidation by basing the bundle name on the contents of Gemfile.lock , the Ruby version, and the Ruby platform.

Time saved by using WAD depends on the amount …

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On Programblings 9 months ago.

…haven't even bothered creating an error page yet. I've only overridden the 403 errors. 403 is S3's default answer to all files who are either not there or not public.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 <RoutingRules> <RoutingRule> <Condition> <HttpErrorCodeReturnedEquals> 403 </HttpErrorCodeReturnedEquals> </Condition> <Redirect> <ReplaceKeyWith> ?not-found </ReplaceKeyWith> <HttpRedirectCode> 302 </HttpRedirectCode> </Redirect> …

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By Patrick Lenz of Patrick Lenz 11 months ago.

…from this preview cycle in iA Writer or Byword on my Mac or iPad.

What's next?

I'm planning to publish additional articles covering blogging from an iPhone or iPad in conjunction with a static site generator in the weeks to come.

Also, there are a few tweaks I need to make to improve building the blog and publishing it to S3 in the least amount of time possible, which is a challenge I gladly accepted.

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By Seth Falcon of Chef Blog 12 months ago.

…still possible to change the bookshelf vip to something like "https://s3.amazonaws.com" if S3 is being used as the backend cookbook store.

This fixes the following issues:

CHEF-3853 checksum URLs generated by POST /sandboxes do not respect configured load balancer port

Build Erchef url off configured values for listen + port.

The default attribute value for node['chef_server']['erchef']['url'] is out of date the instant a user configures …

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