19 April 2014

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Secure Shell

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SSH does not use SSL/TLS, so you're OK there. If you downloaded a binary installation of MySQL community from Oracle, you're also OK, because the community builds use yaSSL, which is not known to be vulnerable to this bug. Obviously, any service which doesn't use SSL/TLS is not going to be vulnerable, either, since the salient code paths aren't going to be executed. So, for example, if you don't use SSL for your MySQL connections, then this bug isn't …

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By miraculous1 of mir.aculo.us 11 days ago.

…been read by an attacker as they are in server memory. It's not a bad idea to issue new server SSH hostkeys as well.

Change any and all passwords and tokens of APIs you use. As server memory may have been compromised, an attacker could access the APIs as if they where you. Not good.

If you're using cookie-based sessions in Rails (or similar environments) you must switch to a new encryption secret. Your current secret may have been compromised, allowing attackers to log in as …

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As we can see here, everything works as expected and all servers are reachable by SSH. The parameter "Create shared SSH key" also needs to be enabled. That option will make ClusterControl to create a new SSH key pair on CMON node so this one can also connect to PXC nodes with passwordless SSH.

Now everything is prepared. We can proceed with the deployment. Just click on "Add cluster" and the installation process will start. While the installation is in progress …

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On paperplanes 1 month ago.

We encrypt SSH keys and OAuth tokens, the most private data that's entrusted to our systems. Of course, the keys aren't stored in the database.

When buying infrastructure rather than building it, keep a good eye on what your providers do and how they handle security and your data. This is just as important as handling outages, if not even more so.

Make sure that your privacy/security statements reflect which services you're using and how you handle your customers' data …

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By Christian Neukirchen of chris blogs 3 months ago.

…final issue, which is rather niche: My newsreader gnus connects to my NNTP feed via a SSH hop. The configuration looked like this: (setq gnus-select-method '(nntp "localhost" (nntp-address "myshellhost") (nntp-rlogin-program "ssh") (nntp-open-connection-function nntp-open-rlogin) (nntp-end-of-line "\n") (nntp-rlogin-parameters ("nc" "mynntpserver" "nntp")))) …

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By Loren Segal of gnuu.org 3 months ago.

…the credential management to support different setups . Currently Samus does rely on SSH keys being available on the machine for Git commands. I would like to fix that.

Self-contained releases could be useful . Right now you still need some local setup to use Samus, like credentials on your machine, and occasionally some binaries (custom commands, if you use them). Being able to build a self-contained archive with all the custom commands and credentials in the zip would make publishing …

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By Greg Nokes of DaRoost 3 months ago.

SSH'd to my hosting server, set up a bare git repo ( git init --bare )

Back on my local machine, set up the git remote, and pushed to my hosting site

SSH'd back to my hosting server, and copied the post-receive.sample to post-receive

Copied giflister into the new hook

Git cloned the bare repo into a real repo (at ~/nanoc )

Made sure the paths etc in the post-receive hook were accurate

Ran it once to see that it worked

Tried a git push from my local workstation …

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By Satish Talim of RubyLearning Blog 4 months ago.

Create your SSH Key

Introduce yourself to Git

Add some additional Git settings

What's GitHub?

Set up your GitHub account

Follow a Friend

Watch projects

Creating a new repository

Deleting and renaming repositories

Fork a repository

Push changes to a repository

Clone a public project

Add collaborators to a project

Collaborate with other users

Send a pull request

Merge changes from a pull request

Use project wikis

Create and delete branches and tags …

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SSH into your new instance.

Fetch the EPEL repository definitions from the Fedora Project - the RightScale image I am using included some EPEL settings so I disabled them (by editing the .repo files, an exercise for the reader!) in favour of using the direct EPEL release rpm -ivh http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/5/i386/epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm

Update the box yum -y update

Pull down the ISO image of Elastix - i'm using the latest stable …

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By Michael of Heroku 4 months ago.

…deploy directly to Heroku if unit tests pass - no need to use Git or manage SSH keys

Move slugs around between Heroku apps, for example to promote a release on a staging app to a production app

Are you a CI service provider, source code repository provider, or just a plain old hacker interested in the opportunities this opens up? We want to work with you, get in touch with friis@heroku.com .

The slug and release endpoints complete the functionality that we plan to expose …

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