21 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Jessie Young of Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots 25 days ago.

A couple weeks and a Sinatra app later, our team was on its way to building a solid, extensible, well-tested JSON API with Rails.

Half way through the project, Diana, an iOS developer, remarked to me: "Being able to create an API must be so cool! You want a new endpoint and then a few hours later - there it is!"

My response: "Being able to create an iOS app must be so cool! You want a new view and then a few hours later - there it is!"

And then a light went on: …

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On Odes of the Occult 1 month ago.

…possible, so you extract the logic into a gem or a separate ruby application that is an API ( Sinatra or rails-api). When extracting your business logic into an API you still need to access it - thin adapter(s) used from the controllers can do the job. Now your original app becomes only the UI. A " UI application", "frontend application" or just "one of the applications using your API/gem". As a matter of fact the code that is now left in app/* means nothing …

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On Scout ~ The Blog 3 months ago.

Please be comfortable with Ruby and a framework like Rails or Sinatra. You should have some Javascript chops. Experience with high-throughput, data-heavy apps will give you a leg up.

Beyond the technical chops, the single most important thing is your initiative. Will you dive into a problem unprompted? Point out problems and give suggestions on fixing it? Given a high-level goal, can you break it actionable chunks, ask for help when you need it, and see everything through to completion? …

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By Satish Talim of RubyLearning Blog 4 months ago.

Sinatra and SQLite3 interaction

The course contents are subject to change.


Satish Talim and Victor Goff III from the RubyLearning team.

Some Highlights

RubyLearning's IRC Channel

Some of the mentors and students hang out at RubyLearning's IRC (irc.freenode.net) channel (# rubylearning.org) for both technical and non-technical discussions. Everyone benefits with the active discussions on Ruby with the mentors.

Google Hangouts

There …

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By Satish Talim of RubyLearning Blog 4 months ago.

Building a trivial Sinatra application

Deployment of a Sinatra app to Heroku

Views - ERB and HAML


Form parameters


Error Handling - 404 and 500



Hosting a static webpage on Heroku

Text String Reversal Service

Stock Exchange Quote Service

Using Sinatra to access the Google+ API

Running a Sinatra app using JRuby

A Sorter Web Service in Sinatra

Finding Photos on Flickr

A Sinatra app to access GEO

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By Adam Keys of The Real Adam 4 months ago.

…no Play, no Django, no Cocoa. There's hardly even a Sinatra, a Celery, a JDBC.

That means you're going to be designing, for real. Drawing on whiteboard, building prototypes and proofs of concepts. Getting feedback from as many smart people as you can corner. Questioning your assumptions, reading everything you can find on the topic. Looking for tradeoffs that decrease risk and simplify your problem domain.

Accept that you're unlikely to ever get it entirely right. …

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By Mark Tabler of New Relic 4 months ago.

…didn't handle things much faster, finishing in a bit over 38 seconds, or 391 transactions per second. Sinatra blew away the competition at 1023 transactions per second, completing the benchmark with no errors in just 14.65 seconds.

The thing that surprised me most about these tests was how little performance difference there was between Rails and Rails-API. A 3.5% performance increase isn't quite enough to impress me, but Sinatra's nearly-tripled performance is.

Decisions, …

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By Assaf Arkin of Labnotes 5 months ago.

Design Objective

Iconic framework is "a beautiful front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps in HTML5." Based on SASS and AngularJS. Looks interesting.

Helvetica the Perfume

Lines of Code

How Authy Built A Fault-Tolerant Two-Factor Authentication Service . Sinatra, MongoDB, EC2, stuff like that.

But more interesting is what Auth is doing to make two-factor authentication usable. Give it a try , it's the most awesome 2FA iPhone app.

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On Lukasz Wrobel - Blog 5 months ago.

A fellow Rubyist, Tim Millwood, is about to write an eBook on Sinatra. In order to begin writing, he needs to get appropriate funding on Kickstarter first. If you want to show your support, visit his eye-appealing website and back the project!

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By Eli Fatsi of Viget.com Blogs 6 months ago.

A Sinatra app, " Farmer" runs locally which allows me to store "Plants" ( Harvest timer IDs paired with Button numbers) in a database, and make "toggle" requests through the Harvest API whenever a request to /toggle?button=[number] is made to the app.

On the hardware side, I've hooked up 6 buttons and 6 LEDs to my trusty Arduino, and have chosen to use the Dino gem to control the Arduino components with ruby. A script named "Plow" …

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