19 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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On ZURB 1 year ago.

Luke: That's an interesting philosophy. Sorta building ahead of where your clients are and bring them there over time and learn the lessons.

Jonathan: We have to drag them kicking and screaming. On the way, we get there ourselves.

Luke: I talk with a lot of companies around this sort of stuff. All of them know the terms. They know responsive web design. They know mobile first. They know that they should be acting on it. But what's really holding them back is their existing …

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Kinda Sorta

Avoid being wishy washy. Be direct. For example,

"If you're still going to be in town next week I'd be glad to meet with you and talk about what you guys are doing at example.com, what we do here at thoughtbot and how we could help you out."


"If you're in town next week, let's meet up. I suggest Cafe Madeline..."


I overuse the word ‘that'. When finishing an email, I do a Ctrl-F on ‘that' and either …

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The answer: Sorta.

First I'll explain what I'm talking about, with examples. At the bottom of this article I'll talk about the lambda calculus. Oh and before that I'll talk about something relevant to normal Ruby programming, in case that's something you're still into.

The problem

But first let's start even simpler: we are going to represent addition in Ruby. class Literal def initialize(n) @n = n end

def evaluate @n end end

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By Assaf of Labnotes over 2 years ago.

Can't beat that Reliable, Scalable, and Kinda Sorta Cheap: A Cloud Hosting Architecture for MongoDB .

Measured Daniel Tenner explains How to use metrics in a startup :

The key takeaway is that using metrics incorrectly is worse than using no metrics at all. Metrics are a knife. Sharp, accurate, strong, useful - but make sure you don't hold it by the blade.

Prompted promptool is a simple GUI that makes constructing custom terminal prompts less soul …

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On Momoro Machine over 3 years ago.

…script/console is to Rails while Knife is a bit more like Capistrano, sorta.

The knife bootstrap command will try to login to the given IP as root (you'll need the password, unless you're using ec2 or something where keys are set). It will then setup the node (the server) to run chef-client. If you followed the getting started guide correctly, it will also upload the ssl stuff.

Once knife bootstrap is finished, login to the server using ssh.

Then run 1 2 3 chef-client

This …

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By Jake Scruggs of Jake Scruggs almost 4 years ago.

…seriously, I'll cut you if you even think of renaming one of talks again. I'm kidding! Sorta.

Slide from last night's Lightning Talks: http://is.gd/dvOJw "This is actually a simplified diagram" said the speaker # RubyMidwest

Funny stuff. If you're a Ruby nerd. And you probably are.

Check out http://windycityrails.org/sessions for a familiar face. Spoiler: It's Me!

What? Windy City Rails picked me to talk? Thanks guys. …

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By Trevor Turk of Trevor Turk over 4 years ago.

Sorta like a couch except smaller and outside, also, a client side JSON document store. Perfect for webkit mobile apps that need a lightweight, simple and elegant persistence solution.

stupid ruby tricks

Over the past few months of slinging Ruby here at Thoughtbot, I've picked up quite a few stupid ruby tricks smart ruby techniques that really help out your code.

Vanity: Experiment Driven Development for Rails

You've got your TDD, your BDD, your …

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…here-comes-a-singleton-marker. Some people like to use the 'self' keyword. I call them self-ish people. Sorta short.

CONs: I think it's ugly. For more than two singletons that repeating 'self' annoys me.

Use the metaclass class RapidInterventionGroupTeam < ActiveRecord::Base # ========================== # = Class methods go here! = # ========================== class << self def load_group_allocations_and_teams ( project_id , cur_user ) # Code …

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By Max of occasionally useful over 4 years ago.

For fun, I decided to ping all of my financial companies ( Bank Of America, CapitalOne, Chase, EmigrantDirect, INGDirect, Vanguard) about their plans for OAuth support. I don't know how many of you use the wonderful service known as Mint , but I like it a lot. Unfortunately, a part of me died when I gave them my username/password for my banking sites. And INGDirect is secure enough that Mint can't even interface with them! Sorta cool.

Anyway, here's what the institutions said:

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