18 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup over 1 year ago.

…URGENT: Faye security releases - And yes, one more.

Dependency Injection != Inversion of Control - Just in case you'd like to go back from security issues to arguing about patterns.

Gem Badge - Automatically link your Github repo to built gems.

You Don't Need the DOM Ready Event - Speeding up your javascript a bit.

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup over 1 year ago.

Lightning JSON in Rails - Speeding up JSON generation.

Honeybadger - "The modern error management service for Rails".

Shenzen - CLI for building and distributing iOS applications.

Mail Pilot Public Beta - Interesting take on workflow for an email client.

brew-cask - CLI installation for Mac GUI applications via homebrew.

RailwayJS - MVC JavaScript framework based on ExpressJS and Rails.

LLSJ: Low-Level …

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By Assaf of Labnotes over 2 years ago.

Streaming Current state of Node.js WebSocket modules .

The Resque way Lots of good info about Resque .

UNIX power Oh, the cool things you can do with lsof .

Measure Metrics and you .

Go fast Speeding things up using Nginx and microcaching .

QotD Ricardo Mendes :

Ricardo's Law: don't bother using git blame. it was you.

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On ZURB over 2 years ago.

Our JQuery Talk on Speeding up Interactions on Pageless Apps

Bonus: Usability test along the way

Test early in design using low-fidelity prototypes. Don't wait until the end, when it's too late.

How a Quick Test Helped Increase Click Through Rate by 12%

Getting Feedback While You Build

Takeaways From a Quick Test of Search Fields on Consumer Electronics Websites

Got some good examples of usability practices to share? …

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On Coding Horror almost 3 years ago.

…for building a fast website remains Yahoo's 13 Simple Rules for Speeding Up Your Web Site from 2007. There is one caveat, however:

There's some good advice here, but there's also a lot of advice that only makes sense if you run a website that gets millions of unique users per day. Do you run a website like that? If so, what are you doing reading this instead of flying your private jet to a Bermuda vacation with your trophy wife?

So ... a funny thing happened …

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By Trevor of Trevor Turk 3 years ago.

…constraint. If you're familiar with Yahoo's Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site and related YSlow tool , you know that caching your assets is an important part of having a speedy site.

There are a lot of possible solutions to this problem hanging around , but none of them seemed 100% ideal for my situation. So, I asked if there is a preferred method of caching/packaging assets in a Rails

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