25 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Katherine Wu of New Relic 1 day ago.

…own. For one, you'll learn a lot faster if you try it yourself first ( Google and StackOverflow are your friends). This also makes your experienced co-workers feel more helpful and confident you'll put their advice to good use the next time you run into a similar problem.

2. Make it easy for people to help you

It can be really hard to articulate what it is you're confused about, when you may not even have the vocabulary to describe the topic. Here's a template that I like …

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By Shiv Kuman of New Relic 23 days ago.

…spent some time building a plugin that simulates the question and answer format you see on sites like StackOverflow. If you're looking to integrate the concept of a "correct post" into your Discourse instance, check out my Solved Button plugin .

Throughout it all, I was thankful to have the expertise of New Relic software engineer David Celis to turn to, particularly for the authentication system integration. David's made a number of amazing sites …

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett 3 months ago.

Blogspot, but the point's moot today. For new projects forming now, the information all sits on StackOverflow, GitHub, or Twitter -- or in personally-published ebooks .

The Web we lost was a temporary autonomous zone , and like all temporary autonomous zones , it provided an illusion of utopian anarchy wrapped within a coccoon of privilege .

Speaking of privilege-induced misperceptions, the tech press …

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Zapier quite a few times. It has become important to us as glue between systems like StackOverflow and Campfire, FreshBooks and Campfire, email to Trello, Trello to Campfire, Stripe to Campfire, Wufoo to Trello, and a few others.


The HTML version is free at http://playbook.thoughtbot.com . You can get the PDF, MOBI, and EPUB versions for free by subscribing to our monthly-ish newsletter, The Bot Cave .

We …

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By kahfei of kahfei 8 months ago.

Following railstutorial again, to strengthen my rails basic and pick up new shiny things in rails 4.

Getting sublime to run test directly is quite awesome, I mean you just need to highlight part of the test you wish to run, cmd + shift + R, boom you got your test result, all without needing to leave the comfort of sublime. Sweet.

On the next day though, suddenly it refuse to run, complaining

/ bin / sh: rspec: command not found

entity_8296 …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 1 year ago.

Stacksort - Sort things by running random code from StackOverflow.

FizzBuzzEnterpriseEdition - The way software ought to be written.

certified - Gem to paper over some of the problems of Ruby 2.0 and SSL .

[SEC][ ANN] Rails 3.2.13, 3.1.12, and 2.3.18 have been released! - With changes and security fixes.

Enabling Source Maps in Chrome - Step-by-step with screenshots.

Future of Firefox DevTools - Lots of interesting …

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By Karl of Daddy Fixes Everything over 1 year ago.

StackOverflow: validates_uniqueness_of in nested model rails , a great discussion of how to handle scoped validation when editing existing child attributes.

Rails issue: validates_uniqueness_of and accepts_nested_attributes_for only validates existing records , macfanatic shows a nice way to handle the same issue.

Rails pull request: Validates associated uniqueness for nested attributes . The paint is still wet on this one. Hopefully is stirs some …

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By Joey of Global Nerdy over 1 year ago.

50 Android Hacks

Today's "Deal of the Day" โ€” a regular offering from Manning Publications where they make one of their books available for far less that it would normally go for โ€” is for 50 Android Hacks . Here's the publisher's description:

"In this compact and infinitely useful book, Android expert Carlos Sessa delivers 50 little gems like you'd learn from the old guy in the next cube or the geniuses on StackOverflow."

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By Luuk Hendriks of Phusion Corporate Blog over 1 year ago.

…Google-fu to find out what other people use. What is hot on Github, what do people on StackOverflow suggest, which tools and software is still actively supported, that kind of things. The most recent stuff on SRS was from 2003 or 2004, and of course, mail is something well established but was there really no one interested in SRS for the last 8 years? Or is Postfix the problem? Then we found pfix-tools ( Github ). It seems people are interested in SRS after all, or at least the …

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By Inglis of Zach Inglis over 1 year ago.

…because I spend a lot of my time helping thousands of people through IM one-to-one. I've tried StackOverflow but didn't enjoy the medium. I'm writing an open-source book in my very little spare time. I've written a lot of open-source code and contributed to non-profit projects too, some very popular. I've been asked to speak, and am every year (at two different conferences and a meetup this year.) But speaking to people isn't my thing - I prefer the one-on-one interactions. …

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