18 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector


Steve Klabnik

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett 4 months ago.

Anyway, Steve Klabnik also wrote some wonderful rambling nonsense about how great Dogecoin is. But the best remark, in my opinion, came in the form of a joking tweet from Phil Hagelberg. Take a second and THINK ABOUT WHAT THIS ACTUALLY MEANS:

Is there a site yet where you can make your own cryptocurrency by entering a name, a cap and an optional logo? — Phil Hagelberg (@ technomancy) December 22, 2013

Pretty sure the answer's no, but you could build …

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By santiago.pastorino of WyeWorks Blog - The Team's Voice 6 months ago.

For some time, AMS has been somewhat inactive as a project. Thankfully, Steve Klabnik has been recently working a great deal on issues and merging pull requests. From now on, I will also be actively contributing to the project. My intention is to resolve all pending issues and pull requests.

What's next?

It would be great if you could test your applications against this new branch and report any issues . I successfully ran the Discourse tests applying this patch . That patch …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside 9 months ago.

…dotJS' JavaScript event comes dotRB. Announced speakers so far include Steve Klabnik, Konstantin Haase, and Brian Ford.

Nickel City Ruby Conference - September 20-21, 2013 - Buffalo, NY


11 Talks from La Conf Paris

Some big names to enjoy here including Yehuda Katz, Amy Hoy, Sandi Metz, and Steve Klabnik.

Deathmatch: Bundler vs Rubygems.org

At GoRuCo 2013, Andre Arko told the story of the quest to make 'bundle …

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On Dalibor Nasevic 10 months ago.

Steve Klabnik had an interesting keynote on being an Irresponsible Programmer and he told few stories on his takeover of some of why's projects, his involvement in open-source and why he switched to Linux (thumbs up). He also demonstrated the idea of " Functional Reactive Programming" by live-coding an example using the shoes gem.

Ben Lovell gave a presentation on Achieving zomgscale with Celluloid and JRuby! and Javier Ramírez gave a presentation …

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett 1 year ago.

…who did not know Mr. Klabnik referred to him as " Mr. Klabnik," instead of by his first name, just like I'm doing here.

I thought that was really cool. Jeff Casimir, who works with Mr. Klabnik, posted that he thought it was the first time anyone had ever said that. Technically correct but essentially wrong. I referred to Mr. Klabnik as " Klabnik" in my book on Rails, Rails As She Is Spoke , and did the same for everyone else I quoted, or …

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By Adam Keys of The Real Adam over 1 year ago.

hypermedia APIs , if only to challenge your thinking. It helped me a lot to do just that. Check out Steve Klabnik's Designing Hypermedia APIs ; it's not perfect, but it makes a lot of these things easier to grasp.

In the end, I think designing, building, and supporting a hypermedia API is hard . You may be better off with an RPC-over-HTTP, or ID-based REST design. The good news is you can benefit from an incremental application of the principles of hypermedia APIs…

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By Nick of Signal vs. Noise over 1 year ago.

…doesn't feel guilt as in a crime, but guilt as in time: What is best to spend your yours on? Steve Klabnik has a strategy for dealing with a limited amount of time: The basic idea is this: you try to minimize the things that are bad, and maximize those that are good.

My strategy has built on Steve's: minimize the guilt of open source, maximize the passion from open source. I've been thinking a lot about what creates passion, and what builds up guilt. It's also …

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside over 1 year ago.

Evan Phoenix discussing the Puma Ruby Web server. Steve Klabnik features on two earlier episodes.

RubyConf 2012 Lightning Talks: An 80 Minute Grab Bag

The Thoughtbot Podcast Chats to RubyConf 2012 Attendees

Libraries and Code

Rake 10.0 Released: Yes, Version 10

Ruby's make-like build utility takes a small step for Jim Weirich but a giant leap for version-kind by going from 0.9 to 10.0. Why? Jim explains.

A Rails Membership Subscription…

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By Steve Klabnik of RubyLearning Blog over 1 year ago.

All about Struct

This guest post is by Steve Klabnik . Steve is a Rubyist, writer, and teaches Ruby and Rails classes with Jumpstart Lab. He maintains Draper, Hackety Hack, and Shoes, and

contributes to Rails from time to time.

O ne of my favorite classes in Ruby is Struct , but I feel like many Rubyists don't know when to take advantage of it. The standard library has a lot of junk in it, but Struct and OStruct are super awesome.


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By Leigh Shevchik of New Relic over 1 year ago.

* Steve Klabnik

* Chad Pytel

* Lindsey Bieda

* Jeff Cohen

* Hampton Catlin

And of course New Relic will be there. If you'd like to join us, we have one free full conference pass available. To claim your pass, send Tweet us @ NewRelic with the hashtag # sendmetoMadison.

As a conference attendee, you have 30 days to try New Relic Pro for free (promo code MadisonRubyConference30 ).

See you there!

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