21 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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On ZURB 1 month ago.

Direction is Committing to Your Story

Once you've made all those small decisions, you'll start to narrow in on a direction. And once you settle into that phase, you don't want to keep exploring possibilities. You want to commit. This is a long-term play. Change in creative says you're changing your story, and that could backfire. You'll create uncertainty. Customers will lose trust because you're wildly changing things. Direction and consistency builds trust …

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By Todd Hoff of High Scalability 3 months ago.

…The Dance of Apple and Microsoft , and The Real Story of the World Wide Web .

From small beginnings. Where it all started: "the internet" in 1969 : His idea for the project was the "spirit of community" and was interested in "having computers help people communicate with other people" ( Licklider, Licklider, and Robert Taylor) as opposed to using the computer to communicate for us.... By the end of 1969, ARPANET was able …

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By Assaf Arkin of Labnotes 4 months ago.

How to Make a Story More Visual :

Figure out what your story's "trailer moments" are. And: See if you can't make some of them play well even with the sound off. If you can work irony and symbolism into the mix, too, so much the better.

Neuroon: World's first sleep mask for polyphasic sleep

3D-Printed Pizza

BUGGER , a wonderful tale of make believe, nepotism and utter incompetence; also a brief history of MI5:

But as Urban

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By Matt of Tea-Driven Development 8 months ago.

estimating their work using things called Story Points

trying to predict a release schedule using a thing called Velocity

This is where it started to fall down. This team have no handle on their velocity. It seems to vary wildly from sprint to sprint, and the elephant in the room is that it's steadily dropping.

I see this a lot. Even where the velocity appears to be steady, it's often because the team have been gradually inflating their estimates as time has gone on. They do …

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On carpeaqua by Justin Williams 11 months ago.

Back Story

As we were starting to think about how we could launch our new iOS app in a new and innovative way we tossed around a variety of ideas. The one that really stuck with us was to use Apple's Passbook as a way to give users an exclusive peak at what we've been working on.

Passbook is kind of an unsung hero of the iOS 6. When it was announced, everyone thought it was a really neat idea. As iOS 6 has matured, however, use cases have been few and far between. I've …

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On ZURB 1 year ago.

Telling A Story

Footers must also match your business goals. Early 2012, we relaunched ZURB.com with a brand new look and a splashy footer. Content-wise it was mostly the same — still largely geared toward generating leads for our services — but with more emphasis on personality. After the success of proving ourselves with our own products, we wanted the world to know what it was like to work with us.

But by that time we were so much more than that. Foundation was gaining …

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By Jeremy Templier of New Relic 1 year ago.

Share Your Story

During the development of the New Relic iOS App, our team used Testflight for deployment, Crashlytics for crash reports and New Relic for Mobile Apps for mobile monitoring. We'd like to learn more about the tools you used. Share your feedback in the comments below.

The post Improving the New Relic iOS App with Mobile Monitoring appeared first on New Relic blog .

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 1 year ago.

The Story from Neal Stephenson's In the Beginning was the Command Line

When the Clown Prince of Accordion met the Dark Prince of Hacker Fiction.

For the story behind this pictures, see here , here and here .

And finally, here's an excerpt from Neal Stephenson's In the Beginning was the Command Line . It was his 1999 essay in which he proposed that proprietary operating systems weren't going to be profitable ventures …

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By Giles Bowkett of Giles Bowkett 1 year ago.

Terrifying Story About Facing Mortality By the way, I don't mean the type of experience where you encounter a floating ball of light and learn the wisdom of the universe. I mean the kind where you're like, holy shit, I almost died. One of my near-death experiences involved this complete dipshit of a cardiologist who actually put a catheter inside my heart which was too big to fit, and caused my heart to stop pumping for a second. I was watching the whole thing happen on an x-ray monitor …

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…Sending Email Is Easy, Getting It Delivered is Another Story How email is delivered from your application to your customer's inbox is not a direct process as the email request goes through several checkpoints to filter out spam and all of them can prevent your email from being delivered.

Spam is Everywhere

According to a 2011 study conducted by Symantec MessageLabs, 76% of emails each day are spam. This causes huge headaches for ISP's, network administrators and everyone …

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