18 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Paar of MySQL Performance Blog 1 day ago.

bzip2 valgrind-devel svn pam-devel openssl openssl-dev screen strace sysbench

(Note that I have included a few extra items needed for Percona Server & a few items that are handy like screen and sysbench for example. Note also that you can change yum to apt-get, though this may require a few package name changes - search the web for info if you want to use apt-get.)

After these modules are installed, you can:

1. Pull the tree from Launchpad:

$ bzr branch lp:randgen

2. …

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By Robby Russell of Robby on Rails 1 month ago.

6. Atom Editor will not have integrated CVS or Subversion support when it is released.

7. Atom Editor will not promise the world to you like Visual Studio.NET did back in 2002. I remember their demo videos and it seemed like the development world was about to change! I never would have guessed that come 2005, I'd be in love with something as simple and fancy-feature-less as TextMate.

8. Atom Editor will not just be a clone of Sublime Editor . Github has too …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 4 months ago.

Codebrag - New code review tool with git and svn support.

Capybara Webkit 1.1.0: Screenshots and Better ClickFailed debugging - A couple of new features for this automated test tool.

How MySQL memory table saved the day - Optimizing by tossing an entire table into RAM.

Using Thor as Rake Replacement - How to set up your scripts with Thor as a backbone.

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On carpeaqua by Justin Williams 6 months ago.

Cornerstone - For those few times a year I need to work with Subversion, Cornerstone is the best desktop client I've found for it.

Deploymate - If you're still supporting iOS 5 or iOS 6, you want to make sure that you're not calling API not supported on those platforms before shipping to the App Store. Crashes are bad. Deploymate does just just that. It saved my bacon once already which made it worth every penny I paid for it.

Dev Color Picker : …

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By Isam of Biodegradable Geek 9 months ago.

The following tools are either open source, shareware or freeware. For shareware, I will post freeware alternatives.DEVELOPMENT* JetBrains RubyMine (for Ruby and Rails development)


* Charles Proxy

* PHP xdebug with remote_enable = true

* SourceTree (if you use git)

* Cornerstone (if you use svn)


* iTerm2

* Zshell with Oh My Zsh

* BetterSnapTool

* Mou ( Markdown Editor)

* Tabs Outliner extension for Chrome


* LittleSnitch

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Percona Server 5.5.30 and 3 allocators - stock glibc 2.13, jemalloc-3.1.0, the latest tcmalloc from svn repo. Regarding my selection of jemalloc version see my notes at the end of this post.

Test box has 2xIntel E5/2.2Ghz with 8 real cores per socket - 16 real cores + enabled hyper-threading gives us total - 32 vcpu. In my tests I didn't see any notable difference between allocators up to 4 vcpu, so on charts below I will highlight results from 4 to 32 vcpu.

As test workload I will …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 1 year ago.

TextMate Theme Editor - In-browser ( Chrome only) application for editing TM/ ST2 themes.

sekrets - Command line tool to manage encrypted files and settings for Rails applications.

Git merge vs. rebase - Some workflow and history tips for working with feature branches.

Don't use Git - An impassioned defense of Subversion.

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By Klampaeckel of till's blog over 1 year ago.

Tags and branches are slightly different concepts in Subversion and git.

In Subversion, we usually ran pre-processing on tags before we deployed them (because doing this in a branch was a huge pita due to size of the repository and the overall joy of merging commits in Subversion. So in the end, a tag we created in Subversion, is not a tag in git because we modified the tag — which makes it a branch.

So as a follow up to my prior snippet to convert a repostitory, I've used this …

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On Alex R. Young over 1 year ago.

…I've consistently wished I worked at. Before GitHub, most of us struggled along with Subversion and sites like SourceForge, but it's fair to say GitHub has revolutionised collaboration for programmers and web developers in general.

For me 2009 is when everything started to change. My interest in JavaScript grew to the point when I felt the need to start writing DailyJS , which I still enjoy running today. In the same year Node was released, and coincidentally …

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By Noah of Signal vs. Noise over 1 year ago.

…Portion requiring immediate reply All tweets 12.3% " svn" 0.2% "job" 0.5% "support" 17.3% " highrise" 20.8% "campfire" 26.9% "help" 35.4% " basecamp" 49.5%

This isn't earth shattering—this is exactly what you'd expect, and is the basis for the rudimentary classification we initially used.

With our data loaded and cleaned, we'll get started building a model. First, we'll split our …

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