24 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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…(just to keep the data set small). Player First Team Second Team Nolan Ryan New York Mets California Angels Jim Sundberg Texas Rangers Milwaukee Brewers Ivan Rodriguez Texas Rangers Florida Marlins


To get our player data into the database we'll use the INSERT statement: sqlite> INSERT INTO players (name, seasons_played) VALUES ('Nolan Ryan', 27); sqlite> INSERT …

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By Patrick of Kalzumeus Software 21 days ago.

Tarsnap is the world's best secure online backup service. It's run by Colin Percival, Security Officer Emeritus at FreeBSD, a truly gifted cryptographer and programmer. I use it extensively in my company, recommend it to clients doing Serious Business (TM) all the time, and love seeing it successful.

It's because I am such a fan of Tarsnap and Colin that it frustrates me to death . Colin is not a great engineer who is bad at business and thus compromising …

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By Lucas Welch of Chef Blog 1 month ago.

…as it deploys Chef. In this talk, Yahoo's core Chef Team will discuss their first take on some of the patterns for success with Chef @ Scale.

Jordan and Jer will have something for everyone, as pretty much every organization deals with some aspect of scale and its associated challenges. Not to mention Jordan and Jer both bring a ton of experience and expertise to the table. Jordan is Chef De Cuisine, Infrastructure, at Yahoo, and has worked with various computer …

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By Andrés of Blog | The Working Group 21 days ago.

Get your Team Scores and Stats ( NHL, AHL, and Hockey Canada) all in one place. See the latest game info, updated player and team stats as soon as your teams hit the ice.

3. Realtime Editorial Content

Get the best commentary and in-depth league analysis all in one place with the TSN Hockey Timeline feature. The Timeline puts social commentary alongside in-depth articles and video highlights so you get all angles of analysis and the latest game information.

The TSN Hockey…

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By Lucas Welch of Chef Blog 2 months ago.

…who traveled across the Atlantic to help add to all our European Chef Team has been building in the past year and a half.

On the agenda was FOSDEM , CfgMgmtCamp , and a gamut of other rad events. Having so many Chefs in Europe gave us a chance to interact with a ton of interesting people, all with intriguing perspectives on, and experiences with, DevOps, Chef, and all things infrastructure.

Michael Ducy kicked things off at the London Cloud Summit…

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By Joey of Global Nerdy 5 months ago.

Unlike the previous letter, which was signed by "The BlackBerry Team", this one was signed by BlackBerry interim CEO John S. Chen , a man in a very unenviable position. I'd normally say "I hope he's getting danger pay", but based on the deals these guys typically get — r emember Thorsten's golden parachute? — it's not necessary.

The main points called out in the letter in "heading 2″ text are:

"We are very …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 5 months ago.

The Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough - Now available as a combo of videos and PDF from Peter Cooper for $ 29.

RJS leaking vulnerability in multiple Rails applications - More fun from Egor Homakov.

ruby-lint 1.0.0 - First stable release of this static code analysis tool.

Memoirs of a Software Team Leader - A look at the technical and soft skills involved in leading a small software team. $ 23 ebook, 30% discount with code "afreshcup30".

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By Tom of Heroku 5 months ago.

…vulnerability reports to security@heroku.com . The Security Team's PGP key is available in our vulnerability reporting guidelines .

Vulns like this?

https://github.com/heroku/identity/pull/49 - we had a CSRF issue in the approve/deny page. This was originally reported to us from an independent security researcher. It's a good example of some ambiguity in the OAuth spec. From RFC 6749, sec 3.1 :

The authorization server MUST …

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By Jade Rubick of New Relic 6 months ago.

…systems, and some knowledge of distributed systems.

P.S. If these sort of experiments sound like the type of thing you think about, and you're a manager with a lot of experience with high throughput systems, we also have a manager position open .

The post 8 Ways to Organize Your Team for Site Performance appeared first on New Relic blog .

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On Labnotes 9 months ago.

…Startup Pitches As A Team ( PDF) and The Scienece Behind Team Spirit :

The goal of this paper is to shed light on the importance of team synchrony, especially when pitching an idea to a potential customer or investor, and to guide you through the best practices for establishing strong team dynamics and overall synchrony.

§ How to Grow: 21 Tactics to Acquire Customers :

I hate the term growth hacker, but I love the concept. The idea that you can grow a …

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