16 April 2014

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Test-Driven Development

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 6 days ago.

Ruby 2.1 Garbage Collection: ready for production - A look at the internals of ruby GC, some of the cases where it fails, and what you can do about it.

How to Build a Ruby Gem With Bundler, Test-Driven Development, Travis CI And Coveralls, Oh My! - A good walkthrough of the current state of gem building.

Heartbleed Test - Find out whether a server is vulnerable to the recent devastating OpenSSL bug.

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By mmc of 41 technologies over 1 year ago.

…requirements specialists are key for improving quality, agility and to reduce costs.

The agile method of Behavior-driven development ( BDD) and how it relates to Test Driven Development ( TDD).

Executable specifications, stories and scenarios.

Introducing BDD tool(s).

Testability, test automation and acceptance testing

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By Lucas Welch of Chef Blog 2 months ago.

learnchef 2-Day training Feb. 5-6 . If you're looking to get your Chef skills up to speed, this is the place to do it.

Oh, but wait, there's even more! After training concludes for the day on Feb. 5, Nathen Harvey is joining the Infracoders London meetup group to talk Test-Driven Development with Chef. Full detail here .

# getchef

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By Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside over 2 years ago.

…want to dig deeper, boost their confidence, and bolster their Ruby skill set. We dig into test driven development ( TDD), object oriented design, building a library from scratch, code style, and more. It takes place in November and December.

Check out RubyReloaded.com to learn more about the course, what it involves, and when it runs. There are 24 places on each and about half have gone to waiting list folks so far.

P.S. The coupon code INSIDE will give you a $ 50 discount …

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#2 Do Test Driven Development ( TDD) Well

By well I mean do all of the normal activities that are part of TDD ... and do one more thing. Create self documenting code that also lends itself to traceability directly back to product requirements. Imagine telling an auditor that you can prove that you tested every path of the code EVERY time you checked your code in...thousands of times. All of these tests can be directly linked back to product requirements. That would make an audit pretty easy. …

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By Sarah Milstein of Lessons Learned 5 months ago.

…Extreme Programming. At a conference I overheard a couple of programmers make a snarky comment about Test-Driven Development. I interrupted them and gave them "the spiel: about TDD. They pretty clearly didn't care, but I didn't let that stop me. Eventually they just turned and walked away.

While I'm still uncomfortable remembering that incident, it serves to remind me of the single most important question to ask myself when I want to get from A to B: what is my motivation …

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By Matt of Tea-Driven Development 8 months ago.

This is the pitch that I give right at the beginning of my BDD Kickstart classes to give everyone an overview of what BDD is, and why I think it matters.

In this video, I cover:

How BDD improves communication between developers and stakeholders

Why examples are so important in BDD

How BDD builds upon Test-Driven Development ( TDD)

Why business stakeholders need to care about refactoring

If you'd like to learn more, there are still a few tickets left for the …

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By Shannon -jj Behrens of JJinuxLand 3 years ago.

PyCharm makes test driven development ( TDD) fast! The speaker was using PyCharm to test drive the development of a class which he was creating quickly in the test file. PyCharm can automatically create the scaffolding for a class as you use the class in your test. It can create the scaffolding for methods, add imports, add constructors, etc. all automatically as you try to use those things in your tests. It has helpful coding suggestions and refactoring support. It has code snippets. …

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We recognize Test-Driven Development ( TDD) can be difficult to practice as features increase in complexity. Testing is often skipped when developers feel uncomfortable with TDD or have not yet seen certain approaches in practice.

We'll describe specific techniques used in TDD which touch on: Integration testing with RSpec+Capybara, Model Associations and Data Validations, Asynchronous Jobs, Emails, 3rd Party Services, and JSON API endpoints.

Tuesday at 2:00pm: …

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Code Retreat is a workshop in Pair Programming and Test Driven Development ( TDD) . Kraków Code Retreat will be facilitated by Corey Haines - one of the original inventors of this form of programming exercise, and most likely the most experienced code retreat facilitator in the world . You can find more information about code retreats on this website. Big ‘thank you' to the organizers and to Michał - for inviting Corey to Kraków and his help in making it happen!

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