21 April 2014

The Ruby Reflector



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By Tony of Transcending Frontiers 1 month ago.

…in the vim space largely because it was the editor I was raised on. In recent times I followed the Textmate to Sublime migration too. For a time though I found myself in the Java community working with IBM's Application Developer and that's where I came to terms with what an IDE is.

When I started to explore RubyMotion and got sucked into the "What editors can I use next?" game, I dabbled with RubyMine and was a little surprised. IDEs for me in the …

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By Loren Segal of gnuu.org 1 month ago.

Ditto for file switching ( Cmd+T in Sublime/ TextMate). There is no memory of the last file, so you can't hit the quick Cmd+T - Enter keystroke to switch between two files. You have to fuzzy-find from scratch each time— and the fuzzy-finder is extremely loose in its matching policy.

Middle-clicking does not close tabs.

Unless I haven't found it, no keyboard shortcuts to split windows or move windows between tab groups.

Finally, this one is probably a bug, but history support …

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By Robby Russell of Robby on Rails 1 month ago.

…I remember their demo videos and it seemed like the development world was about to change! I never would have guessed that come 2005, I'd be in love with something as simple and fancy-feature-less as TextMate.

8. Atom Editor will not just be a clone of Sublime Editor . Github has too clever a team for that objective.

What are you confident that Atom Editor will not be?

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On Lee Munroe 4 months ago.

A quick blog post about things learned and accomplished in 2013 and areas of focus for 2014.

By writing them down I hope there's more chance of me actually following through.

New software/apps/tools for 2013

Some of these apps I had used before, but in 2013 I found myself becoming more reliant on them and working them into my daily routine.

Sublime for coding. Previously I was using TextMate.

iTerm 2 for terminal.

Inboard for design inspiration.

Optimizely for A/B testing.

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For TextMate users, you can install the Avian Missing Bundle and add TM STRIP WHITESPACE ON SAVE = true to your .tm_properties file.

For Sublime users, set the ensure_newline_at_eof_on_save option to true .

What's next?

If this satisfied your curiosity, you might also enjoy:

${VISUAL} ize the Future

How grep Got Its Name

The Art of Vim

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 5 months ago.

2.0 Status and FAQ - What's up with TextMate.

MariaDB 10.0 Beta launched - an important milestone - Lots of changes for this MySQL offshoot.

Announcing Bitters, a Dash of Sass Stylesheets for Bourbon and Neat - Some simple styles to start a new project.

Stackdock: Blazing Fast Docker-as-a-Service with SSDs - It really didn't take long for Docker startups to get going, did it?

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By Isam of Biodegradable Geek 9 months ago.

* Solarized Theme (for shell, TextMate, etc.)

Remote repository hosting

* BitBucket.org

* GitHub.com

* GitLab.com

A dedicated IDE or Editor. Pimping Your IDE will be in another post. Here are my most used editors/workflows (not in any specific order. Usually the right one for the job.)

MacVim with solarized (light) BG but I'm constantly tweaking the colorscheme. Font is one of Anonymous, Source Code Pro, Consolas, Inconsolata, all patched for powerline …

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On Eddorre.com 10 months ago.

…Textmate . It was a relatively painless transition but there was one thing that I used often in Textmate that wasn't available in Sublime Text, inserting, toggling and wrapping content in ERB tags.

Since adoption of Sublime Text was relatively new at the time, I decided to scratch my own itch and write a plugin in Python for Sublime Text. After a few of days, I released SublimeERB on Github. There was one thing that I never did get around to and that …

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By Adam Keys of The Real Adam 1 year ago.

…took the program than what came before it. I'd estimate that about 90% of what TextMate ever needed to do, you could do with bundles. But the cost to find that last 10%, it was brutal.

Eventually, I bumped up against this limitation with TextMate. I wanted split windows, I wanted full-screen modes, I wanted better crags integration. No one could add those (when TextMate wasn't open source, circa 2010) because they required writing Objective-C rather than using TextMate's …

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By Mike Gunderloy of A Fresh Cup 1 year ago.

TheSortableTree - Drag and drop GUI for nested sets in Rails.

Colour Schemes - Themes compatable with DT2, TextMate, VIM, and other editors.

Railyo - Private job board for Rails developers.

Font Awesome - Icon font for Bootstrap.

HTTP Compression Test - Easy way to make sure your servers are sending compressed content when requested to do so.

RubyJS - "A JavaScript standard library based on the Ruby core-lib."

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